Print Day in May Reduction Linocut and Drypoint Combo

reduction linocut with drypoint etching print combination of a tuxedo cat and a vase of tulips

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Print Day in May Reduction Linocut and Drypoint Combo

Tuxedo Corsage is a Reduction Linocut and Drypoint print combo still life of my studio pal Scout next to a vase of tulips created for Print Day in May. All the supplies to make this art are listed below.

a small reduction linocut of a cat near a vase of tulips in process with the carving gouge and the linoleum shavings in a pile nearby
Carving the image of Tuxedo Corsage on Speedball Red Baron unmounted linoleum using my favorite carving knives from Flexcut – the Micro Palm Set

Print Day in May

Print Day in May is an annual, worldwide jollification of printmaking celebrated on the first Saturday in May. 

PDiM is open to everyone. This year, on May 7th, tens of thousands of printmakers around the globe will make prints and share them online with others. Sound fun? It is!

Pulling prints after hand-rubbing with a lovely wooden baren on a mat board and masking tape registration jig to align the paper to the linoleum plate.

Linocut and Drypoint Combination Print Playlist

Increasing the opacity of some olive-yellow ink (Cranfield Safewash Relief Ink) with the last bits of linoleum using a small Speedball brayer.

Getting Ideas for Linocuts

If you’re looking for resources to inspire your next foray into a linocut still life project, have a look at this post assembled to help conjure ideas for linocut designs.

A sheet of linoleum, sanded and cleaned, on top of a stack of freshly torn printmaking paper, ready to carve and print.
Adjusting the last little gradient of color at the top of the print before moving on to the intaglio process.
Reduction Linocut Prints Drying in the Studio
Pulling a Drypoint for details on top of the reduction linocut.
Tuxedo Corsage 5×6 Reduction Linocut and Drypoint Etching Print (available in my Etsy Shop)
The process for the still life print in this post is similar to this video; this is a demo of printing drypoint over a collagraph print. (The finished Drypoint and Collagraph Print is here.) The blog post about this Mermaid and Whale art is here.

Linocut and Drypoint Print Experiments

Experiments in the art studio will polish your problem-solving skills. And deadlines to participate in a community printmaking event like Print Day in May can nudge you out of a slump. If you didn’t make a print for this year’s PDiM, I hope you’ll mark your calendar to hop in next year. Be sure to search social media for the hashtag #printdayinmay to see this year’s participants.

Stay tuned for more printmaking mashups in future posts (you can subscribe to this blog here). Each new print combo I start gives me up a stack of printmaking lessons. Learning new things is such good encouragement. I hope you’re stretching your skills with some art-related experiments too.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you in the next post –


P.S. If you like printmaking, and you listen to podcasts, check out Hello Print Friend, and their interview with the founder of Print Day in May, Robynn Smith

Art Quote

The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.

Tacitus (c.56 AD – c. 120 AD)
If you’re printing a drypoint on a press, here is a video demo to bevel the sharp, square edges off your plexiglass plate so you don’t slice through the blankets or your paper on the press.

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  1. Margie Jordan

    Thank you for sharing. It has been awhile since I’ve done any printing and this was inspiring for me to begin again.

    1. Hi Margie – I too had a long hiatus from printmaking and art in general, so I welcome you back to it. I hope your upcoming printmaking adventures are percolated with joy.

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