5 Great Tools for Beginner Watercolor Artists

Study for Winter Retreat 14.5 x 10.5 Watercolor on Arches Cold Press paper (sold) Tools for Beginner Watercolor Artists Beginner watercolor artists need encouragement, tips and effective tools to stay with this lovely medium. Have you ever heard someone say “I tried watercolors once, and I’m terrible, so I gave up.”? Don’t be that person. […]


9 Things to Give up for Your Art – and a Light Field Monotype with Watercolor

Furry Blessings 7.25 x 9 Light Field Monotype with watercolor (sold) Procrastination Steals Art-Time Here is a list of share worthy articles to help set your upcoming art plans into action, written boldly, and then pinned prominently in your work space. Do you make art plans for yourself, and then procrastinate till you run out […]


Resources for Printing a Reduction Woodcut

Carnelian 4 x 4 inch relief printmaking woodcut (available here) Two Color Reduction Printmaking Here is a small, relief printmaking woodcut portrait of a girl with red hair, looking down as she gets ready for her day. She was carved and printed using the reduction method with two colors of ink, from shina plywood, and […]


How to Use a Grid or Sight Size drawing for better accuracy – and a Watercolor Portrait

Lull 10×7 Watercolor on Plate Finish Bristol The Trifecta: Grid Method, Sight Size Drawing and Watercolor Glazing Artists have developed many tips and tricks to improve accuracy and results in art-making. For drawing under watercolors, I find the grid method and sight-size drawing both very beneficial. In painting – I love the gossamer affect and […]


Resources for Making a Monotype from Plexiglass – with Watercolors and Water Soluble Crayons

Berlin Breakfast 7×10 Light Field Monotype (sold) Monotype Video Course I’ve been listening to podcast interviews with other artists while filming a dark field monotype course. Hearing other artists discuss their journey reminds me about what I didn’t know when I first started printmaking. It’s important to roll time back, and recall the minutiae of […]


Monotype Ghost Print of a Cat – and links to monotype artists

Dozing 6.5 x 3 Monotype Ghost with watercolor and colored pencil (sold) Inspiration from Other Artists Thank goodness monotype artists share their work online, or we wouldn’t have any painterly printmaking to look at from the comfort of our coziest researching-the-internet chairs. Every artist who ever clicked the publish button on a blog post or […]


5 Tips for getting past the ugly stage in watercolor painting

Cottage Kitchen 18.25 x 12.25 Watercolor on paper (Sold) Getting Past Ugly in Your Art Making art often stalls in the Ugly Tunnel. 🚙 On your pilgrimage to a finished watercolor, there’s a crossing in the journey where the pigments, composition and overall look of your work in process can get ugly. It’s important that […]

light field monotype portrait

Light Field Monotype: Countenance

Countenance 10.5 x 8.25 Monotype with Colored Pencil on paper (sold) What is a Light Field Monotype? Monotypes are a hybrid between painting and printmaking. The name monotype has the root “mono” meaning one. Monotype printmaking results in a single image. These beautiful prints cannot be printed in quantity or an edition, like other, repeatable […]


Watercolor – Summer Sunday

Summer Sunday 6 x 7.5 Watercolor on BFK Rives paper (Sold) Painting the Figure I’ll just come right out and say it: People are discouragingly hard to draw and paint. You can sketch a landscape or a still life with room for error; if your trees lean, or your bowl rim burps, it’s not a […]


How to Save a Failed Watercolor with Pastel – Ferris Wheel Spin

Spin 21 x 14 Pastel over Watercolor on paper (Sold) Pastel Over Watercolor The painting above started as a watercolor. I knew it was overcooked at the three-quarters finished point – so I tossed it in a flat file to dry, with plans to feed it to the shredder. A few weeks later, I spotted […]