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a watercolor portrait of a couple, seated on a couch, reading a book

Watercolor Portrait Painting

Painting Portraits in Watercolor Painting portraits in watercolor is ambitious. Figurative watercolors are some of my favorite subjects to paint, but they’re never easy (for me). Here is a post

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traveling with watercolors

Watercolor Painting Travel Kit

Traveling with Watercolors Have you assembled a watercolor painting travel kit to take with you, outside your usual painting space? Here are some tips to put one together now, with

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monotype print of a woman in profile

Monotype Printing without a Press

How to Print a Monotype without a Press Monotype printmaking is the “painterly print” option. This printmaking process is accessible to everyone, and it doesn’t require sharp tools, carving lines

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All About Watercolor Paper

Download your free, three-page, beginner-friendly watercolor paper primer.

Click the button below to learn about hot press vs cold press, weights, student vs professional grades, manufacturing process, and considerations to help you choose the best paper for your watercolor paintings.

Original Art For Sale

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Original Watercolors for sale

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Collagraph, Monotype, Linocut, Drypoint

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Wish You Were Making Art More Often?

Here’s a free mini-course with six tips to squeeze more art-making into a busy life.

Online Art Courses

How to Title Your Art

Everything you need to name a single piece of art, or an entire series, after you create, or before your first draft.

dark field monotype

Intro to Monotype Printmaking

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Using a grid to help get more accurate drawing

Using the Grid Method

How to use the grid method to get more accurate drawings underneath your paintings and printmaking.


Feedback from art collectors and folks enrolled in classes at

artist testimonial photo

Artist – enrolled in How to Title Your Art

I have to recommend this short but incredibly useful course on creating better artwork titles.  It absolutely changed my thinking and process on titles, and helps me clarify my vision and the way I talk about my paintings too.

Artist/Printmaker – enrolled in How to Title Your Art

The struggle to arrive at a name for a painting is over.  Following Belinda’s well-conceived prompts, I make a list of relatable, interesting words to use – and within minutes I have a unique title .  I actually look forward to the naming stage now!

Dana Sanford

Artist/Collector – purchased a watercolor painting

A wonderful piece! Beautifully drawn and colored, full of warmth. The shipping was super fast, and the artist is a delight. Be sure and read her blog, too. She’s generous with her time and tips.

a woman in an art studio, leaning over her work table to align a linocut block over paper to make a print

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