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Let’s paint some watercolors, make some prints, and get better at drawing with practical approaches, the right tools, and a pinch of enthusiasm. Then we’ll create some beautiful art. And let’s also adjust our mindset for more frequent, fun, and successful creative time! 

Free Video Tutorials

In addition to BelindaTips.com online classroom, you can also explore my YouTube channel.  Take your time watching tutorials on watercolor glazing techniques, linocut carving set up, three color relief printmaking, building a collagraph plate, inking in the a la poupee method, making a monotype, etc.

Using Adobe Premiere Elements on a Mac



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4 thoughts on “Video Art Tutorials”

  1. You are such an inspiration. Because of your amazing tutorials, I have made some fulfilling editions of intaglio with watercolor and prima color pencils. Now I am going to buy a set of Nupastels. Do you recommend using a fixative on top of intaglio with watercolor and Prismacolor nupastel? (i.e., Sennelier fixative for soft pastels?) Thanks!

  2. Rhonda Carson

    Macadamia White Chocolate are my favorite cookies.
    I am just learning about glazing.Your pictures dance and shimmer on the paper.
    Do you wait for each layer to dry completely in between?

    1. Hi Rhonda, If we hadn’t just trimmed the Macadamia tree to half its size, I’d offer you a bag of nuts! But on the next batch, I’ll bake something for you. 🙂 Yes, each layer dries before adding another. They’re laid in thin enough that they dry quickly – even in a coastal town. Thanks for the compliments!

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