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Monotype: Boatyard (& spring art festivals & #linklove)

I published a newsletter with dates for upcoming Spring art festivals that includes a coupon code for 20% off in my Etsy Shop, so be sure to check that out here. (If you’re not yet subscribed to get newsletters, you can sign up here.) Thanks for all the great feedback on the last post regarding artists being unkind to each other.  I’m grateful that it was received well, and the topic instigated conversation in the comments, via emails and on social media. I suspect we are all hardwired to be critical, but with practice, maybe we can evolve our first-tier reactions to be supportive instead. I’ve got a video …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Early Retirement (& art supplies for the beginner)

I’m a bit timid to buy art supplies for my artist pals, unless I know for sure they’re missing something specific in their studio arsenal. But many of my friends and family are new at art, or they’ve *never* done art, but they’re interested in dipping-a-toe-in to check it out. With the popularity of group paint-along cocktail parties, adult coloring books, and youtube art tutorials demystifying the art process, I’m excited that so many people are discovering their art-making brains. Those folks are extremely fun to shop for, because they usually don’t have any art supplies, and a gift of something maker-ish could inspire their heretofore unrealized artist-self, which could spark …[Continue reading]


Monotype with Watercolor: Persimmon & Vintage Whiskey Bottles (& a lecture on John Singer Sargent)

Here’s a video you can watch, or just listen to while you’re working on something else… Richard Ormond is the former Director of London’s National Maritime Museum and the former Deputy Director of London’s National Portrait Gallery. He is also one of the world’s leading authorities on John Singer Sargent, who was his great Uncle, and he’s published at least 9 volumes on his work. He spoke at The Art League in Virginia on November 5, 2015, and lucky for us, they posted the hour & twenty minute lecture on youtube, so you can listen & watch it too. Artist extraordinaire Robert Liberace introduces him:  If there are other …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Blue Sip Cup (& #linklove for INKtober!)

One of the most frequently discussed challenges creative people face is consistency of making things. There isn’t enough time, space, energy, inspiration or focus to sit down and create something with your hands on a regular basis.  (#quote: The secret to success is consistency of purpose. ~Ben Disraeli)  One remedy for this is month long projects, hosted on social media. Writers commit to 30 days of typing their hearts out in groups and on Pinterest Boards.  Illustrators upload a new piece of art based on a single word published every Friday on Illustration Friday. Quilters join Block-of-the-Month clubs to receive a box of fabric to make one quilt …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Dozing (& #linklove)

A spinoff fruit of posting your own work on blogs and social media is all the other great art you discover. Because, well, you know, eye candy is distracting to visual people. And if you’re going to post images of your own work, you *have* to log into facebook, instagram, youtube, pinterest and all the other internet rabbit holes of diversion.  And while you’re clicking towards the page where you’ll post your latest creation, there’s a bread crumb trail of lovelies from your friends, so you might stop to pin a few pretties, click a few likes, leave a comment here and there, eyeball a post they …[Continue reading]


Trace Monotype – Hey, Wanna Split a Sandwich? – and Trace Monotype Methods

Trace Monotype Printmaking Methods In the last post, I demonstrated techniques for a trace monotype made with more tone, and less line. This trace monotype (above) was made with more line, and less tone, which leaves plenty of printmaking paper exposed for watercolor or other media. If you’re looking for a video tutorial on how to make a trace monotype without a press, here is a play list of several monotype techniques on my youtube channel. The good news is that there are a ton of approaches to making a monotype: dark field, light field, trace monotype, monoprints, etc. Watch a few of …[Continue reading]


Trace Monotype: Portrait of an adolescent boy

Burgeoning Boy 8.25×6.75 Trace Monotype with watercolor washes on Thai Kozo paper   –   Available in my Etsy Shop Yesterday, I printed an edition from a mat board collagraph with a taupe gray mixed from leftover akua inks used on previous projects. I had a dollop of ink left at the close of the day (see first photo below). This inspired a random decision (#distractedartist) to make a trace monotype. My work table is covered with a sheet of plexiglass, so I rolled the leftover ink out with a brayer. The process shots below (hopefully) explain the sequence for this type of print. …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Agua Dulce Wine

Agua Dulce Wine – Monotype & Watercolor (sold) It’s been a monotype marathon in my studio this week, and I’m almost finished with a new video for my channel – demonstrating the process to make a dark field portrait monotype, with colored pencil. I’ll post it early next week, as it was a commission, to be presented as a gift this weekend. Fingers crossed the recipient likes it. 🙂 In other news, Akua ink creator Susan Rostow demonstrates this groovy printmaking paper – Arnum 1618 – on a video.  Have you tried it yet? Please let us know how it worked for you …[Continue reading]


Monotype: German Conversations (& Happy 74th Birthday, @ringostarrmusic! #peaceandlove )

German Conversations 6×9 Monotype with colored pencil  A monotype is a very painterly printmaking method, and it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals, so it’s perfect for experimenting in a home studio (read: kitchen, dining room, back porch, closet, etc.). I’ve got a video tutorial in the works on the process to make a dark field monotype. In the meantime, this one above was done with intaglio inks on Arches 88 printmaking paper, and I added colored pencils after the it dried.  It’s available in my Etsy shop. In my hand for a sense of scale… On the subject of colored pencil fun, here …[Continue reading]


Monotype #printmaking with Watercolor: Lemon Sunshine

This art is available in my Etsy shop. I love the half-tone pattern (see below, before I painted it) of this style of monotype. Some folks call it a trace monotype, and others call it a line monotype. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, I found a speedy two minute demo on youtube if you’d like to try making one, using a sheet of acetate, a foam roller, black gesso, a pad of paper and a chop stick or the tip of a paint brush handle to draw with. You don’t need a press.  Check it out here. If you make one (chant …[Continue reading]


Monotype #printmaking: Santa Barbara Harbor Surfers

Santa Barbara Harbor Surfers 8.5×10.5 Monotype with watercolor and colored pencil  Available in my Etsy shop.This loose, impressionistic monotype was painted and pulled during the same art marathon as this one. Art-making speed sessions in the studio with a good audio book, a cup of tea, and plenty of pigments, paper and reference photos works like a salve.  It’ll cure you of your ills, shake the shadows from your brain, and flush your heart with creative swell.  If you haven’t done anything creative in awhile, I hope you can make a little space in your day soon, and have at it. 🙂 If …[Continue reading]

watchingflowersgrow6x4.5115300 1

Woodcut: Watching Flowers Grow (& an 8 min video on making monotypes with Akua ink & a roller pin press)

Available in my Etsy shop. This woodcut was carved and printed from a block of MDF, which is smooth to carve (compressed sawdust mixed with glue), but there are some printmakers who insist that it shouldn’t be used, because it’s not water tight and it’ll warp and flake when cleaned. (I wipe and dab with a relatively dry rag to clean ink.) It’s also not archival, so if you plan to do an edition of 300 over the next 70 years, perhaps it’s safer to stick with hardwoods. Pulling test prints (Artist’s Proofs) Finished carving – ready to ink & print starting to …[Continue reading]


Monotype Santa Monica Pier (& Akua’s new tips & tricks video on Ink Modifiers)

Santa Monica Pier 6.5 x 4.5 Monotype with Watercolor   Sold My family knows that I’m not much of an amusement park enthusiast. Sure, I go to theme parks, but I’m usually there to participate socially, and observe the colorful swath of humantity with all my badge-holding, jittery-to-be-there amusement-park-devotee friends & family.  Despite my luke-warm affection for things that spin you around till your eyes leave their sockets, and flip you upside down like a car accident, I’ve painted this particular ferris wheel before (here and here), and I’d bet a cookie and a latte that I’ll make more art featuring amusement parks again. …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Book Lover

Book Lover 4.5 x 6.5 Monotype with Colored Pencil Sold I’m almost all unpacked, and put away after the Thousand Oaks Artwalk last weekend. It was *hot* , but folks braved the high temperatures and came out to the show.   I ate a lot of watermelon, got a sunburn, sold art, had lovely visits from friends and family,  and I won a second place ribbon in the category of watercolors! Whoot-whoot! 🙂 Here’s a moment I’m pondering: The show is a fund raiser for the Conejo Valley Museum, and I donated art to their raffle.  A young woman saw the woodcut I donated …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Plume Verte

The Beauty of Ghost Prints When I made a monotype of this portrait in 2006, I had enough ink on the zinc plate to pull three ghost prints, which is unusual with monotypes (for me). There’s nothing incised on the plate with this form of printmaking. You’re simply pushing pigment around (in this case, black, oil based etching ink) on a very smooth zinc plate. Pulling the Print When you get the image you’re aiming for, you take a deep breath, and press the still-wet pigments against a sheet of paper, and voila!, you have a monotype.  If there’s enough ink left on the …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Retired Racer

Retired Racer 4×6 Monotype with Watercolor SoldHere is a little note, sent to my mailing list to wish everyone a festive holiday season, and also, to send an enthused & heartfelt thank you for all the support – in person and digitally this year. I really value my blog friendships.  You know, all you folks that leave comments here – the people I’ve never met? Yeah, you… you’re the peeps, all those miles away, that I’m grateful for, because we hang out here in blogland  and chat about our mutual love for art – in all it’s flavors – from the process, to the supplies, …[Continue reading]