Watercolor of a Russian Blue Cat: Siri

Siri 11×4 Watercolor on paper

This watercolor was delivered to Gale’s Restaurant in Pasadena over the weekend with 4 other pieces – to be part of the fundraising exhibit – Art for the Animals. (The title Siri is loosely phonetic for the word Gray in Russian, since the model is a beautiful Russian Blue cat.)  The show opens this coming Sunday from 3:00-6:00pm, so if you’re local to Los Angeles, be sure to stop by (details are below) for some snacks, drinks and fine art for a great cause.  The show announcement I sent out to my email list is here. (If you’d like to be added to that list, just send me an email here, and I’ll add you.)

Framing Collagraphs & Watercolors for Art for the Animals
Framing Siri
Painting Siri in the studio
Art for the Animals Postcard

Art for the Animals Artists and Show Details

 Art Quote
Marion Kavanaugh studied at the Art Institute of Chigago and in New York with William Merritt Chase. She traveled to San Francisco to study with William Keith. He recommended she go to Los Angeles to see artist Elmer Wachtel. They met in 1903 and were married the following year in Chicago. As inseparable painting partners, they traveled throughout California and the southwest desert. Perhaps so as not to compete with her husband, Marion worked primarily in watercolor throughout their marriage and displayed remarkable dexterity in the handling of the medium, which can be quite unforgiving even to the most skilled. She received high praise for her delicate, lyrical interpretations of the landscape. After her husband’s death in 1929, she temporarily lost interest in painting. She resumed working around 1931, painting the landscape around her home in the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena, CA. She died in 1954. ~E. Milton Hughes

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  1. @diane – thanks for the comment…. and my heart goes out to you, as I’ve been “owned” by a variety of furry angels, and each time I meet one on the street, or in a friend’s house, I ache with missing them. 🙁

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