a collagraph print of cats waiting for breakfast

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Good Morning. Feed Us. 7×7 Collagraph with Colored Pencil
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Process shots for this collagraph begin at the bottom of the post, and previous collagraphs in this series can be seen here, here, here and here.
After a few decades of living with cats, I’ve shuffled into my early morning kitchen, headed for the coffee pot, and encountered this view many times. The current obstacle course is just one cat (who will rapid-fire paw-box the backs of our legs while standing on his hind quarters if we walk away from his empty plate to get coffee first), but the line-up has previously expanded across my path with two, three and four of them – as though starvation set in over night. The good morning greeting has a certain urgency to it, and the purring and head-butting is really just ribbin-wrap around a demand for food, pronto. Entertaining, and fun art references too. Β πŸ™‚
The print, with colored pencil and the plate nearby
Adding colored pencil to the print, with supervision
After a trip through the press, I’m pulling the print
After adding carborundum & sealing the plate with additional
Varnish, I’m inking with Akua Intaglio ink using a method
called a la poupee
Cutting and removing the top layer of a piece of mat board (the back) after
drawing on and sealing it with Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish

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Β Art Quote
I went up there the day of her funeral [Christina died in 1969.]. Β It was snowing. I happened to look into this kitchen. It had snowed hard during the night, and the snow had sifted in the cracks and chinks of the door so that there was a thin line of white snow right across the floor right up over her chair and down. It was icy white, almost like a finger pointing. Damnedest thing. God, the way the snow had sifted, very much how grain will sift through the finest sliver or opening. It was like lightening coming across the chair. I was wandering around and I looked into this dark room from the window and at the same time I could hear them using a jackhammer to dig the grave down there because the ground was so frozen, and I was shocked by that line of snow.
Two Worlds of Andrew Wyeth ~ Thomas Hoving

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8 thoughts on “Collagraph: Good Morning. Feed Us.”

  1. @barbara – if fiona lived with me, and gave me the look I’ve seen in your photos, I’d probably get seduced into a trance & feed her grilled chicken at the table. πŸ™‚

  2. Super image. Cats have good internal clocks. At 10 to 6 at night mine start letting me know it’s supper time.

    Love this and the quote.

    It’s snowing right now!

    XOXOXOX Barbara

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