Watercolor of a barn owl: Tyto Alba

Tyto Alba (Barn Owl) 11×4 Watercolor

I’ve mentioned my family history with birds before, so whether they’re trendy or not, I’ll always love these feathered creatures because of my grandfather. I especially love this particular owl. If you’ve never watched them in motion, check out the crazy head-swivel action & downy lightness of their feathers in this video. I think they are remarkable animals; beautiful, with their heart-shaped face, eerie in a prehistoric way, and cute, all at the same time.

Tyto Alba framed


Tyto Alba, showing off her good side


Do you paint portraits of animals? Which medium do you use, and where do you get your reference photos?

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Art Quote
A woman artist is not deprived by cooking and having children, nor by nursing children with measles (even in triplicate) – one is in fact nourished by this rich life, provided one always does some work each day; even a single half hour, so that the images grow in one’s mind. I detest a day of no work, no music, no poetry.
Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975)

14 thoughts on “Watercolor of a barn owl: Tyto Alba”

  1. Nice owl Belinda and interesting composition, looks like he’s seen through a barn door barely open.

    I agree on having work each day and it does make you feel good like you accomplished something.


  2. @dan – your trip sounds amazing. And impactful. I’m envious that you’ve met them face to face. I think I would be spellbound, since I feel entranced when I look at them in video. 🙂

  3. @Barbara – I still have the gorgeous print your Dad snapped of you as a child with your adopted crow. I *love* the image. And I also love the dea of your dried Christmas tree fluttering with birds feeding in your yard. 🙂

  4. I once went on an Audubon trip to Lake Okeechobee especially to see a colony of barn owls. There they were. We were looking at them, and they were looking at us. My overall impression was that their eyes were as human and intelligent as ours. As you say, the feeling was eerie, and I have never forgotten.

    Nice piece – it brought that wonderful memory back to me.

  5. Gorgeous. I have a thing for birds too. My father was crazy about birds, and we had a special birdhouse for swallows, which was frequently invaded by other birds and squirrels.
    My husband feeds the birds, and right now there is an almost dead Christmas tree filled with bird feed in our yard.

    Love the painting and the story, and the quote. True I think.

    XOXOXOX Barbara

  6. @John, What you have called talent is really (and truly) trial and error. But if it makes you feel motivated to paint more, then I applaud in a direction towards your studio. Keep those brushes moving, and we’ll all grow together.

  7. @joanieART – Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a kind note. There are people out there spurring artists on, via the net, and it really means the world. We are so lucky to have this tool. 🙂

  8. I’m a huge admirer of your work, Belinda and just had to swoon over your owl today. Paint On, my friend. You have a wonderful talent. Blessings, Joanie

  9. Hi Belinda,

    This animal series is so beautiful!
    I love this owl, in fact, I’m very fond of birds.
    I watched the video and became very impressed with the beauty of these owls.
    I always liked the quotations at the end of the post, but this one touched me deep in the heart.
    You are an amazing artist.

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