Watercolor: Mexican Breakfast

Mexican Breakfast 20×15 Watercolor on paper (sold)

This watercolor was inspired by a photo snapped after a whirlwind trip to Mexico City in the early 1980’s. The breakfast table was set in the early morning sun with newly acquired, hand thrown pottery, hand woven placemats, an antique weather vane, a ribbed tea pot, painted tile coasters, and a clay folklore figurine playing imaginary tunes from the sidelines. (The cat was added to the scene later, just because.) I’ve drawn, painted and carved woodcuts from this scene, and I love the bands of light and shadow dissecting the place settings across the table.

Mexican Breakfast was painted on Arches Hot Press paper, and since I get asked about watercolor paper a lot from folks just starting their painting journey, I’ve written a printable 3-page Primer you can download for free called Watercolor Paper 101. It covers surfaces, weight, grade and manufacturing, among other things, so please help yourself if you or someone you know would find it helpful. 🙂

This 5 minute video (above) shows the fascinating process to create handmade paper. The process is equal parts modern mechanics, and centuries-old sequencing of almost choreographed movements by skilled paper artisans in the factory. I think a lot of artists muse about the expense of paper, and this video snippet may shed light on the prodigious series of steps to create each sheet. (Have you ever created hand made paper using screens and a blender?)

If you’re new to watercolor painting, and you wish you had details or knowledge about a particular part of the process, leave a comment here. Ask questions. There’s a lovely community of painters reading this, and all of us will be as helpful as we can to keep you encouraged & learning about this tricky medium so you’ll stay with it. Have courage & paint on. 🙂

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