Watercolor: Aperture

Aperture 11×14 watercolor (sold)

The San Diego Festival of the Arts on Waterfront park was lovely last week. We had a gray day to start on Saturday, but eventually, the sun came out along with the crowds, and I saw plenty of people strolling the lawn with paintings & sculpture under their arms.  I sold both watercolors and printmaking, so collectors were collecting, and many of the artists I spoke to were having a very good show. That’s always a hopeful sign to all artists who sell their work.

This is brief because the day after the art fair, I left for France, and I want to share images from the first week (I’m still here). Stay tuned for painting in the lavender fields of Provence in the next post. 🙂

The view across the street from where the art festival was held in Waterfront Park.

See all those white tents on the right – in front of city hall in San Diego? That was us; a grid of artists exhibiting goods by the pacific ocean. Not a bad weekend at all.

The sunset on a cloudy day in San Diego – nature’s watercolor painting – or maybe woodblock printing?
Sunshine at an art festival on the Pacific coast, with boats moored in the harbor and Point Loma in the background.

Downtown San Diego with green-glass buildings. The apartments here have spectacular views of the city and the ocean, and the sunlight streaming through the rooms is incredible.

Art Quote

A year from now you may wish you had started today.

~Karen Lamb

8 thoughts on “Watercolor: Aperture”

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  2. LOVE that painting! There’s something about the morning or late afternoon sun rays gliding across an interior scene that evokes in me a strong and soothing déjà vu sensation, an urge to enter the scene to relive that story or perhaps to enact a story that never was, but could have been…..It’s very much a nostalgic but bitter sweet sensation, a heightened awareness of the passing of time. I wonder if other viewers have a similar reaction??? I’m anxiously awaiting your news from Provence! OMG: slanting sunlight in a french interior…..don’t know if my heart can take that! LOL

  3. Beautiful photos of San Diego, and I always enjoy your Art, I so miss doing the shows in the U S, look forward to seeing new work when you get back, enjoy France

  4. San Diego is fantastic and I so agree about the light which streams through those transparent glass walled apartments! The light in Provence is unforgettable as well. Enjoy the stay..am sure it will inspire your works further.

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