Watercolor: Pssst, are you gonna eat that last French Fry?

Psst, are you gonna eat that last French Fry?
11×4 Watercolor on paper

This is the 7th tall&skinny watercolor in the series I’ve painted on leftover watercolor paper this month.  I’ve got one more, and then it’s time to turn the gas up to finish the larger stuff under way in my studio. I’ll be loading art into Gale’s Restaurant in Pasadena, CA for a two person exhibit with my good friend Laura Wambsgans in early July. (The artist’s reception is 4-6:00pm on July 29th, so if you’re local, please stop in and say hello!)

Art Quote

“Why, of course I’m still painting!” Georgia O’Keefe exclaimed to a New York Newspaper at the age of seventy five. “I’m not old, or worn out.” No such thing as retirement existed when life and work were so interlocked.  Since she had less stamina now, however, she was likely to go to bed as early as seven o”clock on painting days.  Around this time, she described her life to writer Lee Nordness: “One works because I suppose it is the most interesting thing one knows to do. The days one works are the best days.  On the other days, one is hurrying through the other things one imagines one has to do. You get the garden planted, you get the roof fixed, you take the dog to the vet, you spend the day with a friend, you learn to make a new kind of bread. You line up photographs for someone who thinks he needs them. You certainly have to do the shopping. You may even enjoy doing such things. You think they have to be done. You eve think you have to have some visitors, or take a trip from to keep from getting queer from living alone with just two Chows. But always, you are hurrying through these things with a certain amount of aggravation, so that you can get at the paintings again, because *that* is the high spot.  In a way, it is what you do all the other things for.  The painting is like a thread that runs through all the reasons for all the other things that makes one’s life.”
Portrait of an Artist – Georgia O’Keefe  by Laurie Lisle

4 thoughts on “Watercolor: Pssst, are you gonna eat that last French Fry?”

  1. Nice, definitely a french fry stealer, though I have to confess liking the people more than the animals on these pieces. I love the Georgia O’Keefe quote – it is just how I feel.

  2. Love the painting and the quote. Painting is like the thread, or the essential, which most other things fold around.

    Beautiful crow, from an avid Corvid admirer.


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