Watercolor Portrait of an Iguana

Got My Third Eye on You 11×4 Watercolor on paper
This is the last tall watercolor for awhile.  It’s the 8th in a series – the first four were human faces, and this quad is animal portraits. A big thank you to Flickr photographer Bob London for letting me use his Iguana photo as a reference – since I don’t personally know an Iguana that could pose for me.
It’s time to set the long, tall studies aside, and focus (reign my distracted-flitting-about-painting-on-a-whim-all-willy-nilly-here-and-there self in). There are a stack of larger paintings that need to be finished before the exhibit at Gale’s Restaurant opens (Artists’ reception is July 29th from 4-6pm). 
Off to the brushes…
Four Critters: (left to right) Got My Third Eye on You,
Was That a Leash Jingle?, Psst, are you gonna eat that last French Fry?,
Did you just say “Out of Cat Food”? (watercolor on paper – all 11×4)

Art Quote

One evening, Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899) was dining with me and some friends.  Among the latter was a young lady recently married, who related to us an account of the furnishing of her house. All the rooms were finished except the dining room; for this last, her husband could not, for the moment, give her the money, and she was compelled to hold her little receptions in her sleeping room. After dinner, Rosa asked me for a large sheet of drawing paper, and while we were talking and she herself smoking a cigarette, she sketched a delightful hunting scene, which she signed with her full name. Then, under cover of a general conversation on music, as tea was being served, she approached the young wife and said to her: “Take this picture to (Benjamin) Todesco, on your return to Paris, and he will give you at least fifteen hundred francs for it. Then, you will be able to furnish your drawing room.”
~French Landscape painter, Joseph Verdier writing about his friend, the painter Rosa Bonheur 

2 thoughts on “Watercolor Portrait of an Iguana”

  1. Love this series, and I could hear the song, “I’ve got my third eye on you, got my third eye on you, I’ve got my third eye on you. But it’s going to take money, a whole lot of spending money, it’s going to take plenty of money to do it right child.


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