Watercolor Still Life Painting: Garden Harvest

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Garden Harvest 21.5 x 11.25 Watercolor painting on Plate Finish Bristol paper
Process photos start below.

Free Art Give-a-Way

Violet & Apricot 16 x 13 Watercolor & Pastel on paper

It’s time to say thanks for all your encouragement & comments with an art-give-a-way. Having a blog helps balance the scales between the solo studio-art-making time, and the public interaction & feedback I enjoy so much with all of you lovely peeps visiting and leaving comments here. So, would anyone like to add this watercolor & pastel, Violet & Apricot, to their art collection as a sincere thank you from me?

If you like the idea of a free piece of original art, leave a comment for this post, and tell me your favorite flower. That’s it, tres simple, no? Make sure you include an email address if your comment isn’t linked to a blog, so I can let you know you’ve got art headed to your house when you win. Comments will be collected on Thursday January 27th at 10pm Pacific time, and my Mister Perfect will randomly select a name from a hat to win the painting. If there are more than 25 comments, I’ll add another piece of art to give away (& I’ll update this post with an image of that art). The first winner can then choose between two. The second winner gets the remaining art. I’ll be giving away one piece of art for every 25 comments, so for you mathematically challenged folks, like me, that means you have a one-in-twenty-five chance of winning. Spread the word to your friends and family to fatten the selection you can choose from, and get a comment in the first group of 25 for the first dibs. 🙂


My Goodness, thanks for coming out to play! Your enthusiasm and kind comments are humbling, and I can’t thank you enough. I’ll be smiling for days.

Since we have more than 25 comments in the running for free art, it’s time to add a second piece of art to this Give-a-Way, so let’s put this one in:

Study for Winter Retreat 14.5 x 10.5 Watercolor on paper

If you haven’t already done so, leave a comment on this blog post, and tell me your favorite flower if you’d like your name in the hat for a free original painting. If you’re already in the first group of 25 comments in this post, and you win, you can choose between either Violet & Apricot, or Study for Winter Retreat as your free painting. If you’re in the 2nd group of 25 comments and you win, you’ll get the remaining painting. If we get more than 50 comments, I’ll add another piece of art so everyone will have a one-in-twenty-five chance to win. Comment collection ends this Thursday night at 10pm Pacific Time. One comment per person. Have a lovely week!

NOTE: If you don’t have a blog or your comment doesn’t link back to an email address, be sure to add your email to the comment, or send it to me via my email link on the sidebar of this blog. I have one anonymous (lilies, irises & roses) comment in the first group of twenty five with no way of getting in touch if that comment is pulled from the hat as the winner

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41 thoughts on “Watercolor Still Life Painting: Garden Harvest”

  1. Your art and blog are wonderful Belinda! I loved reading about your art collection and now an art give away! Fabulous! Picking one favorite flower is tough. I love many different flowers for many different reasons, but I guess today I will put peonies at the top of the list.

  2. No doubt about it, once again you have done it! I love the contrast of the dark greens and vibrant red and all the wonderful light that comes shining through in this piece. I love “black eye Susie’s” or known as Sunflowers, but also have a special love for roses, especially the ones you paint.

  3. I have never, and I mean never, thought about this before. But for one of your pieces of art I will have a favorite flower! It is..it is..the dancing lady orchid!

  4. Your blog is such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!
    I LOVE hydrangeas – big, fat, blue-purple hydrangeas. To me, they represent the South and all things coastal too since they sprout up well in both areas.
    I hope that I win!!!! Please tell your Mr. Wonderful that your art on my walls could only mean an increase to our property value which could only mean good things for the HOA … remind him, k? xoxo

  5. Wow, how generous. Your work astonishes me! My all time favorite flower is the Peace Rose with its shades of yellow and pink/reddish edges on the petals. Thanks! Fingers crossed!

  6. Inserting this for Phoebe:
    Belinda, I love you art…the purple rose is my favorite flower because they smell so good…I hope Mr. Wonderful draws my name…because I would love a peice of your artwork.

  7. Inserting this for Nancy Dykstra:
    My favorite flower right now is lavender. I’ve done a few paintings of our lavender farm nearby.

    I’ve been enjoying your fine artwork for a couple years. I started watercolor painting with a local artist in Petoskey, Michigan five years ago. It’s so helpful for a beginner like me to view works like yours. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. My favorite flower is jasmine, I just love the way it perfumes the air.
    I love your paintings and I love reading your blog. It is very inspiring to me. Thank you.

  9. Oh no, I can’t choose between flowers! I think I like lilies most! And irises. And roses. And … I like your watercolours and prints!

  10. Inserting this for Carol:
    I am a pastelist and love your paintings! I especially like the way you mix media so freely.
    My personal favorite of all the flowers is an iris ….it’s form and colors are irresistible.
    I really hope I win this “lottery”!!!!!
    I am sending this from email address


  11. Hi Belinda,

    As I am a flower freak I don’t have one favorite flower. My house is always filled with flowers which my husband and I buy for one another at the ridiculously reasonable flower stores in our town. (We each spend about 10 dollars and there are so many flowers).

    1.The soft pink roses that smell.
    My house is decorated with those right now.
    2. Parrot tulips, especially the red and yellow ones.
    3. Day lilies — especially white and yellow.
    3. Japanese anemones.
    4. Amaryllis — the reds are my favorite.
    5. Field poppies in red, white, and pink.
    6.Daffodils in spring.
    7. Garden Irises. Almost unmatched for beauty.
    8. Peonies in season are heartbreakingly beautiful.
    9. Lilacs in mauve and white,
    10. (I’ll stop here, but you know I could go on.) Freesias.

    Thanks for asking. If I win your free art, I’ll have to retaliate with some free art back. Love your blog, thank you for your generosity and superb art.


  12. Oh, Belinda, what a wonderful parlor game with such a terrific prize! I’m going to go with freesias. They’re such a wonderful surprise when they pop up. I love their bold colors and their fragrance is so seductive.

  13. If you were a bank, Belinda, I’d say you’ve got a run on. 😉

    What a wonderful, generous gesture. Even if I don’t win it still feels like a gift everytime your wonderful art pops up in my email.

    Garden Harvest is no exception.

    My favourite flower – Peony. But it’s a bit like having to decide who is your favourite child.

  14. Inserting this for Ellen S because she couldn’t post: Lovely fleurs. That’s an easy one. Lilac! I so miss them from the midwest. We had them both in the Chicago area and K.C. of my youth. Takes me back. 8-]

  15. I love tulips, especially this time of year close to my birthday when they are available.
    (“The tulips are excitable. It is winter here … ” from a poem by Sylvia Plath). I love your work, and I’m delighted with the heart shape in the bottom of the vase in this one.
    Mary Kolada Scott, Ventura

  16. Sandy Fisher

    Garden Harvest is absolutely stunning! You have such a way with capturing an interesting perspective.

  17. FUN, fun, fun!!!!! Please add my name to the hat. I do love lilies – Callas are my most favorite and Stargazers are next. Oh, and tulips… I love tulips. Wish me luck!

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