Watercolor Glazing over powdered Graphite in Figurative Painting

a watercolor of a woman napping on a couch with a cat

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Blanket Hog 6×6 Watercolor on paper Sold
Using watercolors in layers – glazing – works well on heavier paper. In this case, I’m using Arches 300lb cold press, and the pigment is sitting on top of a powdered graphite drawing.
The reference for this watercolor was a grainy photo my son took with a cell phone a few years ago. Here, I’m drawing values with powdered graphite and a General’s #6 pencil, and buffing the surface with a paper towel. I’m using a Papermate Tuff Stuff eraser stick to erase lights, and then drawing & buffing again (and again). Each pass is another attempt to get it closer to good.

Have you used watercolor glazing in your paintings?

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After 2 yrs of circulation in major exhibits, William McGregor Paxton’s painting Sylvia was purchased by an American collector in 1910. His commissions & exhibitions continued at a vigorous pace & by 1935 he had earned more prizes than any other American artist. In NYC, however, where the genteel subjects of the Boston School were less revered, Paxton’s solo shows had mixed reviews. Paxton & his peers were beginning to be eclipsed by the shift to modernist painting. ~E. Lee

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