Huntress 4×5 Linocut with Colored Pencil

After returning from our family vacation, and the brainstorming I did with my daughter on our upcoming collaboration project, I was excited to clean my studio, purge the un-necessaries, and organize supplies for Fall projects. It was a daunting task (I’ll spare you the photos) that took all day, and culminated with a car load to goodwill and a couple of trips to the trash bin. But now, my studio is perfectly clean, and I found all sorts of goodies I’d forgotten about, like the printmaking book I’m giving away below, and this linocut above. She was inspired by the Greek mythology of Artemis, Goddess of the Wilderness, Wild Animals and Childbirth, etc. The process pics are below, and I’ve listed the print in my Etsy shop.

I couldn’t resist playing with a little color on top of the linocut.
Look what I found in my print files! 
Pulling the print after inking the block.
Carving the block around the drawing
 Are you interested in having this wonderful Printmaking Techniques book?
Excellent printmaking book with a ton of photos of process

 So, I bought this book online from a used book seller. Who could resist with a title like that? I was so excited when it arrived; it’s in excellent shape, it’s hardcover, and there are tantalizing words on it like “step by step” and “from simple to advanced”. Yipee, right?  But when I opened it, I realized I already have this book! The difference is that mine is small, red and spiral bound, and it has a completely different title.  🙁  So, now – I have two of these books, and I’m giving this one away. If you’d like it, leave a comment on this post telling us the printmaking method you like the best, because printmakers like to compare notes on such things.

I’ll pick a winner from the comments Friday Sept 20th at 7pm. If you don’t have a blogspot account, please include an email address with your comment, so I can contact the winner. (Unfortunately, I’m unable to accommodate international shipping at this time… so sorry if you’re overseas!)

Intaglio printmaking chapter
Silkscreening chapter
Collagraph chapter
Linocut chapter
Monoprint chapter
This is what my version of the book looks like

Art Quote
Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one’s self-esteem.  That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily.  
~Thomas Szasz

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14 thoughts on “Linocut: Huntress”

  1. I’ve followed your blog for a couple of years and love it more and more..I’ve learned so much. thanks for your generous instructions..luvk

  2. Every time you post, I see and often learn from you. Your work as an individual seems tireless and the fact that you bother to share both beautiful prints and the methods of how you made them means alot to myself and other artists, who aspire at making their own little art gems, after the fashon and direction you’ve shown us.

    The fact that very often you present us with personal details makes your work all the more special.

  3. I’ve been a long-time reader of your blog, enjoying the tutorials and beautiful art on it, as well as learning a lot from the art quotes. I’m a fellow painter in watercolor and would love to start doing some print making. Hope that I would be the luck of the draw! Thanks for sharing and passing on the treasure…

  4. Love your work.
    I’m new to printmaking and have just started doing white line prints from lino.
    Inspired by your work, I’ll try watercolor on plexiglass monoprints next.

  5. I love this print and the post, but am not a print maker right now. You are not only a print maker, but a generous one, and I love your work.

    XOXO Barbara

  6. Belinda,
    I would truly enjoy this book.

    After years of wishing I could print with linoleum, finally just bought a standard kit. I’ve made a few prints using my own designs as I explore the techniques in my own art.

    Although the book would be a great reference for me, your blog reminds me that I can do more with linoleum prints than just one color. I truly love how you add color once the print is done.

    Thank you for the offer! Congratulations on a newly cleaned studio!!!

  7. Hello there. I am an avid fan of printmaking but due to the costs of tools and materials in my country (Philippines), I haven’t really experienced working with the legit materials of the craft (engraving tools and print blocks). But that limitation didn’t stop me from experimenting with other materials. I have been using used styrofoams (yes, upcycling)as print templates in my journal- and notebook-making projects, and so far, my friends like my prints! So if I’m going to win your book, it shall be a great help to my development as a starting printmaker., instagram: jobaliw

  8. So good to unearth treasures in a clean out isn’t it? I wonder why the title and cover were changed?

    I have a love of several types of printmaking producing a mix of gyotaku but more regularly this year, lino printing, which I love too.

    That book looks like it has a lot of practical useful information in it.

  9. IG id: jameschaseartist . I am a MFA candidate in printmaking at at Texas Tech University and teaching “Print 1”. This would be an amazing resource. I love woodcuts, the cutting, black line verse white, getting in the zone. Thanks for the awesome chance- James

  10. I thought I liked lino block printmaking best, I tried shina plywood and it was okay – then I tried a piece of cherry wood and wow what a difference. I loved it. Then again, it dulled my tools really fast. I take more chances with lino, but I’m more careful with wood and it shows. Maybe if I had a press I would like the end result of lino more – I want darker blacks than you get with a baren.

  11. Beautiful linocut!
    I’ve been starting in printmaking (gelli plate for now) and would like to learn more so winning the book would be awesome 🙂

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