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Couch Napping 6.5 x 8.75 Collagraph with Watercolor

Printing Collagraphs

This collagraph was printed in an edition of 30. I painted #7 last night, pondering the change in seasons, and reflections on the year spliced in quarters-of-accomplishment. We’re about to leap over the fence-line between summer and fall. What did I do these past three months of summer? Did I finish the goals I set for myself? Good weather, weekends on a boat, and friends and family gathering for sweet eats & company definitely reduces my work flow in summer, but it also charges my batteries, and I’m amped to make new art. Do you find the change of seasons motivating too? Cleaned studio, project list, new supplies on the way?
After pulling the print (intaglio method), drying and signing, it’s ready for color.
The plate is made from mat board, construction paper and Gloss Medium Varnish
Art Director, assisting with the stocking of inventory in my Etsy Shop 
I discovered that I have two of these books, so I’m giving one away.
Want it?

Check out this post from Friday if you want to win the great book above. Simply leave a comment on Friday’s post, sharing what your favorite printmaking method is, because we artists love to talk shop. I’ll draw a name from a hat this Friday at 7pm PST. Good luck!

Art Quote

Art is a great expression of emotion which covers your attitude towards people & things. It can have no formulas, as it is a registration of reactions. Modern Art theory says art musn’t look like anything at all & nothing is creative unless it comes from the inner conscious & technique is nothing. That’s misleading to people. They ought to know how to draw, at least. I don’t like to see a face with a nose three times too long & a neck out of joint just because the artists’ mind happened to conjure it that way. 
~Colin Campbell Cooper 1925

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3 thoughts on “Collagraph: Couch Napping”

  1. Love this, and the post. It was an excellent summer. I usually feel happier facing the fall because I’m not a fan of heat, but this year I will so miss my beautiful flowers in the garden. I know I’ll adjust I just feel a little like you do when you drop your youngest off at kindergarten. You know everything will change, it will be really exciting, but you miss what you had before too. Teetering on the edge.

    I actually like distortion in figures done well. I’ll never forget standing in an art school in New York City looking at all the perfect drawings and not being able to tell one from the next.

    Great Blog.

    XOXOXO Barbara

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