A New Adventure: Artist Mentorship

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A New Adventure: Artist Mentorship

I’m pleased to share that I’m offering artist mentorships through Mastrius.com. Mastrius helps motivated artists accelerate their creative journey by combining live, interactive mentorship within a trusted artists’ community. Have a look at the details here.

It’s been a pleasure to encourage art-making and share process details with you on this blog for years. Joining Mastrius makes it possible for us to meet face-to-face on video – with scheduled artists’ time in a small group (you, me, and 7 other artists) on a regular basis for about $79/month. Interested?

What’re We Doing Today? – Watercolor on paper
First Day in Italy – Watercolor on paper (Available here)
Hope’s Freesia – Watercolor on paper

The Power of Mentorships

I’ve always believed we get better at Art together. The making part of creating art usually happens when we’re alone, but the acceleration of growth and frequency of breakthroughs is accomplished with encouraging community.

Our Mastrius mentorship will focus on topics hand-selected by the members of our little group. That might include practical studio habits, watercolor painting techniques, printmaking methods, starting an Etsy shop, artist/client communications, marketing your art, choosing subjects, selling at art festivals, titling art, best watercolor papers, printmaking inks, etc.

My first group starts officially on Sunday January 8th, 2023 at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST, 6 PM GMT, 5 AM AEDT Monday January 9th). In our group, you, me, and up to seven other artists will meet together online every month, at that same time slot, on the 2nd Sunday. Note: There will be Homework. We’ll wrestle the challenges you face as artists, we’ll put a solid plan together to start the new year, and we’ll do it together.

Reading Light – Watercolor on paper

Shared Studio Space (Virtually)

I’ve learned so much over the past few decades working full time as a painter and printmaker. I’d love to share some of the details with you, so you wont have to re-invent the wheel.

There are ONLY 8 spots available in my group, so register here! (Don’t worry, you’re not locked in & you can cancel at any time… but we’ll learn tons and have so much fun!)

Artist mentoring at Mastrius.com
Do you want to sign up for mentorship?

Mastrius Events

If you’re inclined to dip a toe in the water before going swimming, you can sign up for access to a portion of Mastrius offerings via their Mastrius Events.

A monthly membership to Events will give you full access to Artist Panel Discussions, Live Art Demos, Critiques, Painting Challenges and Artist Interviews.

You also have the option to watch recordings for up to one week after each event. For a limited time, use this coupon code – TRYITFREE – to get the first month of Mastrius Events for free.

Sour Green Apples and Viognier – Watercolor on paper (Available here)
Bird on my Counter – Watercolor on paper

Charting New Territory

I hope you’re intrigued by the offerings at Mastrius. Some of my favorite artists are mentoring there, and the I looooove the notion of artists supporting artists.

There is no other career like making, selling or teaching art. I’ve learned – from this blog – that the artist community is vibrant, supportive and kind. And artists who create for a living work their tails off.

The mentor/mentee model of seasoned artists helping greener artists climb up the hill has been around for centuries. Mastrius is the virtual, modern design of that relationship.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you in the next post –


P.S. Watercolor paper manufacturers use sizing to keep wet pigments from blooming outward (try painting on a paper towel to see what happens without sizing). Sizing is a good thing to know about as a watercolor painter, and this article by Virgil Elliott is excellent.

Visit my Etsy Shop and peruse original printmaking and watercolors to add to your collection.

Art Quote

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

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4 thoughts on “A New Adventure: Artist Mentorship”

  1. This is wonderful, Belinda. You will be a great mentor, and your mentees are tremendously fortunate! Several of the people in my senior mixed media class enjoy online workshops, and this platform is very promising.
    I wish I had the time to join you, but I have to hold off for now. Best wishes on a great new year!

  2. Susan Pickens

    The fee for the mentoring does not specify the time frame it is paying for. Monthly, yearly?

  3. Sounds like a great think, both in the sense of you giving back, and in the sense of you gaining from the experience, too. I do love mentoring (or at least tutoring). When I get a little better at Python, I’m going to look into offering myself as a mentor for n00bs.

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