Watercolor Paintings of your Kitchen

a still life watercolor of a kitchen cabinet in the sun featuring glasses, bowls and goblets

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Creating Watercolor Paintings of Your Own Kitchen

Have you observed your kitchen as inspiration to paint a watercolor? Whether the room is dark or well-lit, cluttered or austere, frugal or grand, neat or piled with dishes, there’s inspiration for the taking. Artists have painted and sketched scenes from kitchens for hundreds of years. The intimacy of home nestles under each brush stroke and pen line. Let’s consider watercolor paintings of your kitchen!

The beginnings of a grid drawing to lay underneath a watercolor still life of bowl and glassware in a cabinet
While gridding the drawing to aim for accurate ellipses and circles on this watercolor painting of a cupboard in my kitchen – I missed a few shapes. With those eraser flakes, imagine the sound of a truck in reverse – beep, beep, beep… Thank goodness for mars staedtler erasers.

Painting Beauty from the Mundane

Artists who inspire us with paintings from common, every day scenes – like Pierre Bonnard – serve as testimonials that you don’t have to go anywhere to make great art.

We know that painting can transform the ordinary into poetry.

The renovation from banal to magnificent can be an elixir for the artist – by diving deep into the process of representing the simple object in view.

And the results can lift the viewer – by creating art that conjures a closer look at commonplace things.

Painters Making Beautiful Art Inspired by Their Kitchens

  • Patrick Saunders paints all subjects, but my favorites are from his roomscapes and house exteriors. Read his text next to the painting he created of the kitchen.
  • Teddi Parker paints all subjects as well, but in this fun, geometrical rendering of sink full of dishes – she’s working digitally, rather than with traditional paint and brushes. Do you work with any digital apps on your tablet or ipad?
A watercolor block with the first layers of transparent color laid on a still life of the bowls and cups in a kitchen cabinet, with a paint palette nearby and a cat's head in the foreground, inspecting the progress
Testing an 18 well Martin gasket-sealed watercolor palette, and this university quality (on sale) 12 color set of Sennelier Watercolor Tubes (with a few colors from WN and Graham squeezed out for good measure). Scout needs to inspect, of course.

Painting the Contents of Your Refrigerator

Painting a still life of the contents of a kitchen cupboard in watercolor on a painting block with a Martin sealed Palette and assorted brushes nearby
Painting the details of the top shelf first while seated at the kitchen counter.

Make a Painting of Your Kitchen, spontaneously

  • Björn Wirtz also writes about making the most of staying home, by painting the rooms you occupy. His beautiful little kitchen painting inspires me to make more intimate room studies.
  • Valerie Pirlot created a spontaneous, colorful, striking little gem with this painting of her kitchen . Read her description; I love that she included the grocery bags on the floor.
a still life watercolor in process, showing the bowls and cups and glasses in a kitchen pantry, with a pencil and ruler laying on the paper, indicating that adjustments had to be made to the painting while it's underway
Started on the middle shelf when I noticed (again) that I’d made mistakes in the drawing, and had to straighten the left side of the shelf by moving it down.

Paint a Vignette of your Kitchen

a kitchen still life of bowls and cups and glasses inside a cabinet, in process in watercolor, on a table outdoors with the paint palette and brushes nearby
Working outdoors on a warm, sunny afternoon. I think this sort of painting time is fuel for the soul.

Masterful Paintings of Complex Scenery

  • Donald Jurney’s paintings make me understand that I haven’t trained my eyes to notice enough, and I must work harder at observing when I’m looking at every day objects. He is so wonderful with muted color, and shadow and light.
  • If you’ve visited before, you know I adore Shari Blaukopf’s work, and this little kitchen watercolor sketch is a perfect example of finding charm in every corner of your house.
a still life watercolor of the interior contents of a kitchen cabinet in the sun featuring glasses, bowls and goblets
Porcelains, Potteries and Glass 12.5 x 9.5 Watercolor on paper (Available in my Etsy Shop)

What are You Painting This Week?

I should admit here that I’ve had a life-long affinity for artistic paintings of kitchens. I’ve painted watercolors of vacation kitchens, Florence kitchens, summer cottage kitchens, and my current kitchen.

I have a thing for paintings of dining rooms too. Should I curate a parcel of artists doing fabulous art focused on the rooms we eat in? Let me know in the comments.

What are your favorite rooms to render in paint? Why do you think you’re drawn to them as a subject? Is your interest related to a sense of home, or an interest in the shape of the objects usually found in a particular room?

Have you ever painted your art studio? That might be an excellent next post from other artists to share in this blog too. What say you?

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you in the next post!


P.S. Another font of inspiration for paintings of family, home and yard is the incredible art of Carl Larsson (1853-1919). This painting of the kitchen table is one of my favorites.

P.P.S. If you like perusing watercolor sketchbooks, here’s a tour of Brenda Swenson’s latest sketch pad on Youtube.

A Few Art Supplies You Might Like

Check out this personalized lap desk. Add your name or monogram.
Clover Leaf Watercolor Palette
This is a cloverleaf collapsable watercolor palette with mixing wells
If you wish to avoid gummed tape while stretching your watercolor paper, this system might be helpful.
In times of stress, strife or sadness, make every effort to escape to your art supplies. Find respite and shelter with a pencil or pen or brush in your hands.

Art Quote

First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not. Habit will help you finish and polish your stories. Inspiration won’t. Habit is persistence in practice.

Octavia E. Butler

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  1. Hi Belinda! This particular work is really beautiful and exciting. I have admired your paintings of interiors for some time. I liked the “Art Quote” about habit being more reliable than waiting for an idea to paint. You, fortunately for us, have a wonderful habit! All the best!

    1. Hello Luis! Thanks for your visit, and the length of our online acquaintance! I’m glad you like the kitchen cupboard painting, and the quote. I like that quote too, because it suggests that reaching goals as a creative has more to do with perseverance than inherited talent. That gives me – and all of us – hope!

  2. Hi Deborah – Thanks for your compliment. I’m glad you like the painting and the idea of painting scenes from your own kitchen. I hope you enjoy all the artists, and their lovely kitchen interpretations!

  3. Deborah Later

    Wow! I love this painting. Thank you for taking the time to cite all these wonderful examples. Tomorrow after church I am going to sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy them all. Also, dining rooms would be great too.

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