Watercolor Portrait: Hello, Buttercup!

Hello, Buttercup! 11×4 Watercolor on paper

This watercolor is the 4th in a series of warm ups on long strips of leftover watercolor paper (Fabriano Artistico 300lb), and I’m thinking about framing the four of them together in a line up. There’s a soft arc from right to left, like an ocean swell of quirky little girl faces. What do you think? Mat & Frame separately, or all together in a quad inside one larger frame?

Art Quote
There is nothing so discouraging as a bad composition at the very start. Do most of your “changing” in composition before you begin to paint, for at the beginning, when you are fresh, it is easy to change a composition. It is just “blocked in” and there it nothing to “spoil” yet. ~John E. Carlson

5 thoughts on “Watercolor Portrait: Hello, Buttercup!”

  1. Superb! I think if these are displayed togather in separate frames and you bought one, you wopuld regret buying the rest of the group, they seem to go together, therefore frame them together I recon, they’re really lovely

  2. Spectacular finish! Amazing how they all go together so well. The arc – was this planned?! I agree with Barbara – either way is fine. Either way they are spectacular. Bravo!

  3. I absolutely love these and think you could easily go either way — together or separately. I can’t make that call — but just love the exuberant cheerfulness, the colour and design of these pieces. Exceptional.


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