Pen and Ink Watercolor: Lean In Three (watercolor demo video)

Pen and Ink with Watercolor of a still life with three pears on a plate
Lean In Three 10 x 8 Pen & Ink Watercolor

Productive in the Studio

Happy September to you! Fall Art Festivals will start for me this weekend (If you’re in Thousand Oaks, CA, be sure to visit the Thousand Oaks Arts Festival and say hello!), and there are no less than five projects underway in my studio. It’s a race to the finish line to get deadlines met, show layouts completed and art packed and delivered, but it’s All Good.

New Pen and Ink Tutorial Video

I just posted a video of the pear art above on my youtube channel (see below), and I’m wondering if the next video should be an introduction to the Winsor & Newton Cotman branded watercolor travel “pocket palette” with a overview of the difference between professional grade and “student grade” watercolors? What do you think? Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of the upcoming demos

If there’s something you’d like to see on my channel, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or in the comment section on the channel. I really love hearing from readers, because you peeps are loaded to the eye lashes with great ideas. ♥

Art in Process: a demonstration of pen and ink on watercolor paper
The pears were past yummy, but still suitable for a still life study 🙂
Pen and Ink Still Life in process with the studio cat inspecting the fruit set up for the art underway
Scout the studio assistant, wondering if there was anything edible in this still life arrangement

Here is a short video of the process to make the pen and ink watercolor still life at the top of this post. If you don’t see the video window below, you can watch it on my youtube channel here.

Thanks for stopping in and I’ll see you in the next post!



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~Roald Dahl (1916-1990)

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11 thoughts on “Pen and Ink Watercolor: Lean In Three (watercolor demo video)”

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  2. Janet Catmull

    Hi B — I love your past couple paintings with still life objects over a printed cloth. They’re really pretty! I may try one as a break from Cornish seascapes, if I can find a still life setup in my house somewhere. 🙂 See U soon!

  3. Marilyn Thuss

    Thanks Belinda. I love learning from you. You are a natural teacher, as well as, an incredible artist…..

  4. Hi Belinda: I have been using the Cotman Field sketch kit for years in my pen, ink and wc work and have noticed that the paint is far superior to the Cotman wc in tubes. I had the pleasure of meeting a high up person in W&N and I asked him about this. He confided in me that the formulation of the Cotman pans is indeed very different from what is in the tubes, much higher pigment load and different binder formulation that allows them to be rewetted more easily. Thought you might be interested in that.

    1. Hi Sharon, This is very interesting indeed, and it corroborates snippets I heard a few years ago about this inconsistency. I’ve used both tube and pan watercolors from Winsor & Newton Cotman, and will have to do some tests now to see if the different ratios are subtle, or acutely evident. Thank you so much for reminding me/confirming this information. Much obliged! 🙂

    1. My dear Takeyce! Genius? Well, darlin’, for that, you get a bear hug and some peanut brittle. I wish we lived closer so I could deliver for real. Your work is amazing, and I’m thrilled by your compliment. Thank you. xo

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