Painting Urban Scenes in Watercolor – Queensboro

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Queensboro 18 x 14 watercolor painting on paper (sold)

Upcoming Video Courses

My studio is a tangle of audio cables, lights, tripods and video equipment. I’m filming new courses for my online school Belinda Tips. If you haven’t registered for your free account over there, go ahead and do that so you’ll get notified when the new courses are live. I’m working on an in depth class on monotype printmaking, and another on grid drawing for a watercolor painting of a floral still life. Everything from selecting the best flowers, to arranging and photographing them, printing, grid-drawing, and shading the sketch, and then painting the still life – start to finish. If there is a particular subject you’d like as an online course, leave the details in the comments. You should know: I’m always grateful for your suggestions, and feedback. You’re a bowl of cool berries on a warm day. ?

Drawing the urban scene with rulers, erasers and lots of careful measuring

Painting Links for You

  • In the last post, I shared a video featuring three different gray watercolor pigments used as mixes with carmine and manganese blue. I’ve since bought a tube of Winsor Newton’s Davy’s Gray, and I love it. Especially as a “simmer down” to bolder colors used for shadows, or diffuse saturation of distance objects. What’s your favorite gray?
  • And speaking of gray, have a look at uber talented Shari Blaukopf’s post during a workshop she took in my old stomping grounds of Rockport, Massachusetts. She titled the post Rockport Gray for good reason, although that place is beautiful in pretty much any weather.
  • The folks over at Akua inks (speedball) have published a Spring newsletter featuring links to new product demos on their you tube channel, a profile of three printmakers, and a list of summertime workshops and demos on printmaking. Check it out here.

When I started painting, I had became so obsessed, there was nowhere to move in my home. Paintings were everywhere.

Jim Carrey
  • Most people know Jim Carrey as an actor, or an entertainment news subject, but did you know about his passion for painting, drawing and sculpting? This beautifully shot six minute film weaves a link of kinship between Mr. Carrey’s creative journey, and each of ours.
Scumbling in some warm and cool glazes over the pencil drawing before diving into the details of the painting

I hope the first full week of summer here in the Northern hemisphere is splashing your paintings with color. Make something soon.

I’ll see you in the next post –


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P.P.S. Audible is offering a special till June 29th to give you a free audiobook! Check it out here. You can listen while you paint! I recently finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and The Dry by Jane Harper, and I loved both of them.

Art Quote

This flood of inspiration was accompanied by a feeling of dread and a hint of resigned exhaustion. This particular mix of emotions has become a regular event in my life. Whenever I feel most inspired, Iā€™m simultaneously struck by a feeling of sadness and exhaustion at seeing the distance left to go, the labor ahead to achieve anything near to capturing perfection on that level.

Isaac Mizrahi
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14 thoughts on “Painting Urban Scenes in Watercolor – Queensboro”

  1. Suzanne Moore

    Belinda, hello! I grew up just outside of Boston and always went to the North Shore to swim.. Ipswich, Rockport and Gloucester. Spent lots of time in the Lakes Region of NH. When to school just outside of New Bedford MA. Fell in love with that area and RI. Live in Central OH now, but it’s NE, especially RIthat feels like home. Life and all its twists and turns.. one huge crazy quilt of experiences.

    1. Hi Suzanne, we are kindred New Englanders. Yes, Ipswich, Gloucester and Rockport! Granite quarry swimming. We used to go camping on Lake Winnipesaukee! I have about a thousand cousins in Rhode Island. It’s a special place, for sure. Sending you New England sister high fives! ??

  2. As always, enjoying your art and the links you provide. I was particularly interested in the Akua newsletter – will have to sign up for that. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sonia, Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad the links are useful. The Akua folks don’t post newsletters often, but that and their youtube channel are both worth subscribing to.

  3. Love your scrumbling method. I really enjoyed the Carrey video. It must be nice to have unlimited money, space and time for just art. He has created some incredible pieces with that freedom.

    1. Hi Donna, Are you a scumbler too?I agree that Jim Carrey has created some amazing art. I was so surprised by his abilities with paint and sculpture. And I’m glad to know he’s listening to that urge, and moving with it. šŸ™‚

  4. Suzanne Moore

    There is something about you that made me wonder if you were a New England native,then you mentioned your old stomping grounds!

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