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I’m back in the studio after the Thousand Oaks Arts Festival, and work is full-speed underway on the next group of watercolors and printmaking for upcoming shows.

If you’re in Southern California, save these dates to come visit:

October 15: Opening at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena, CA
Oct 15 & 16: Beverly Hills Art Show
Oct 22: Pasadena Artwalk
Oct 23 Farm to Table Fundraising Exhibit at the LA Arboretum

I’ve been posting little studio snippets of video and images of art in process on Instagram, so if you’re in there too, come follow me (@bdelpesco) and I’ll follow you back, so we can keep each other company while huddled over the art table.

Just getting started…
Lots of carving fun…
Inking & printing
Ready to add color
Stag, 5.25×4.25 Linocut with watercolor & colored pencil (available here)
Framed and ready for a place on the wall

Inspiring Reading

For a few years now, I’ve subscribed to Maria Popova’s smart, reflection-inducing writing on Brain Pickings.  Do you read it too?

An artist at the Thousand Oaks Arts Festival described the pit of creative block she fell into, so I sent a meaty article assembled by Maria a few years ago on the subject.

In case you’re wrestling with crickets chirping in an empty room where your creative mojo should be hosting a confetti party with a full bar and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, here’s a link to that article.  

I love artists who can articulate process from a deep well of informed thought, and a broad history of experience. Read up, and then get back to work.❤︎

See you in the next post!


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Art Quote

Part of the joy of looking at art is getting in sync in some ways with the decision-making process that the artist used and the record what’s embedded in the work.

Chuck Close

Save for later & Share!

8 thoughts on “Linocut: Stag (& breaking through Creative Block)”

  1. Today’s musing with the Brain Pickings link was exactly what my Creativity Doctor ordered. That particular article was new to me because it predates my subscription to Maria’s amazing blog. How nice would it be to have “Creativity Clinics” where one could undergo, from time to time, an “angioplasty” procedure to instantly clear all that psychological sludge that blocks the muse. Meanwhile, I’m thankful for the the “blogs that unclog” my hardened Hearteries – Yours is at the top of the list! (oh yeah, I’m in a “punny” mood today, can you tell?)

    1. Hi Gayle, Better punny than clogged, any day! I’m glad to know you’re enjoying Brain Picking’s missives too. She harvests as many visual treats (illustrated books & old photos) as verbal, so her posts are real gifts. I’m sorry you’re in need of a creative doctor and I hope the roto-rooter of muses visits while you sleep tonight, and leaves you clear, refreshed and excited to get started anew tomorrow. xo

      1. Thank you Belinda!- I’ll gladly welcome a visit from that plumbing crew via my REM waves tonight.

    1. Hi Ellen! Oh, I get stuck in the muck like everyone else. Luckily for me, it’s been awhile since I slogged through it, but my sympathy for anyone feeling that way is fresh & heartfelt. 🙂

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