Watercolor: Sunday Soak (& 30 art tutorial videos on my youtube channel)

Sunday Soak 11×8 watercolor on paper (in my Etsy shop) (sold)

Watercolor Painting Tutorial Video

I’ve got a new video demo up on my youtube channel, with the painting above in process. You can watch the video in the window at the bottom of this post. I tested a new-to-me watercolor paper in the demo, used colors that weren’t in the room, and waxed philosophical about the difference between painting to make a masterpiece, and painting to observe, explore & learn. Two very different approaches to making art – or anything with our hands, I think. One is all about pressure, expectations and feeding the ego, and the other is relaxed, open, curious and hungry. Which of those two atmospheres surround you when you paint or draw?

Early morning painting with a cup of coffee & an audio book in the studio: perfect.

Digital Milestones

This week marks my YouTube Anniversary; two years since I posted the first demo, with wobbly knees, white knuckles and barely a whisper into the microphone. (It’s also my 10th Anniversary of writing this blog.) There are 30 videos on my channel so far, but the first 5 or 6 demos are painful to watch for all of my self-conscious, exposed, unsure-of-how-this-will-come-across apprehension. Like anything else that we begin as a novice, time is a salve & a ladder, and sticking to something we don’t know how to do is chock full of rewards.  I get more at-ease and more myself with each new video, and I’m excited about the roster of videos I have in the works for the next few months.

Fruit of all Labor

I enjoy shooting and editing the clips, and I get giddy to hear from folks who watched a tutorial, tried the method featured in it, and had loads of fun in the process. I especially love hearing from teachers using the demos in their classrooms to teach kids printmaking and painting. What an incredible gift, to work here in my little studio, doing what I love – and then – by filming while I experiment & make stuff, and editing & narrating it afterwards, I can somehow encourage and assist a teacher in a classroom of junior high school students in Korea? I’m dumbfounded at my good fortune.

Appreciating the beauty in refracted sunlight through glass (& my woeful neglect of dusting) 🙂

Learn by Teaching

Another facet of my motivation to make and share these art tutorial videos is a kind of self-knowledge. I wish I could think of a more robust way to describe that teaching by=product. It stems from attending art demos – both painting and printmaking – by artists who were or still are teachers. Every demo I’ve attended where the artist was also a teacher has had long-term, profoundly enduring lessons for me. Teachers have to relay verbal details on process, origin of ideas, best use of supplies, how to wrestle with failures, steadfast approaches towards success, and all the minutia that fills a curriculum.  Artistic knowledge transferred through verbal delivery is a gift, and not every artist teaching courses out there has skills to articulate how they do what they do in art.

Layering pigment on Sunday Soak

Find a Good Teacher

Have you ever attended a painting demo with Gerald Brommer? How about George James? Or Timothy Clark? Anthony Ryder? Each of these amazing artists teach, and they all give one heck of a demo. Their ability to articulate everything from process, to their individual philosophy on staying inspired and doing the work will put jet fuel and booster rockets in your creative hearts. And they each say the same thing about teaching other people to paint; instructing others taught them as much about their own art as any string of years spent in the studio. I think it’s because in order to teach what you do, you have to break your process down into steps and sequence. You analyze the hows and whys, and learn how to turn the movements and chronolgy of your hands into understandable, directive words… #noteasy  My hat is off to artists who teach, and I want to join that club, so I can 1) share and 2) learn.♥

Have you attended memorable demos by artists who were also teachers? Share your story in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I’ll see you in the next post –


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Swatches of green & yellow used in the painting; warm and cool pigments

If you don’t see the video window above, you can watch the watercolor demo of Sunday Soak directly on my YouTube channel here.

Art Quote

Each drawing & painting is an experiment & a mirror reflecting our perceptions of reality. Unfortunately, we rarely paint what we see. We paint an unconscious projection of incorrect ideas – what we think we see. The more we study visual appearances, the more our awareness & understanding of light & form will grow & the better equipped we’ll be to draw & paint the world around us according to its inherent wisdom, nobility & beauty.
~Anthony Ryder

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9 thoughts on “Watercolor: Sunday Soak (& 30 art tutorial videos on my youtube channel)”

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  2. Belinda, thank you so much for this video, Sunday Soak. It is a beautiful example of the work you do. I learn a lot from these near full-length videos you do. I truly appreciate your hard work involved in bringing them to us.

    1. Hi Christine, Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you found the video useful, and I hope to make them better with more time & experience. I’ve got another one coming out this week, so stay tuned!

  3. Marilyn Thuss

    Congratulations on your 10 years of blogging and 30 videos! Amazing and wonderful! I watched and commented on youtube regarding your latest demo. How awesome it is to know that you have inspired and influenced so many artists, both young, older, and in-between.

    I have never attended a painting demo…..but I will look for one soon. As always, thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Marilyn! I saw & replied to your youtube comment, so thanks for that! And on attending a painting demo – wow, I can’t wait to hear what it’s like for you when you do see one! Fingers crossed that it’s an amazingly articulate & encouraging artist! 🙂

  4. Carol Blackburn

    Wonderful video Belinda. Thanks so much. It’s always so informative and inspirational to see your videos.

  5. Hi Belinda,
    I think I’ve been a fan of your wonderful paintings, and now of your videos, for the 7 years I’ve been blogging. Great demos? Skip Lawrence and Toph Schink — my first time in California — 2003. A teacher here in Toronto, Americo del Colle, and a fellow who demoed pastels at a course I’m teaching on Creativity at the University of Toronto last week, Gary Smith.

    1. Hi Barbara, Thanks so much for 7 years of encouragement and friendship. I “clink” my coffee mug to yours in a toast to our bloggy-sisterhood. And thanks also for the names of the great artists you’ve studied with – I will look them up, and soak up the inspiration. Happy painting to you, my friend!

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