Collagraph & Watercolor: Couch Napping

What’s a Collagraph? Collagraphs are made by assembling a collage on a substrate, inking the surface, and printing from the inked & wiped face of something akin to a collage. This one was built from construction paper glued to matboard with Gloss Medium Varnish.   Basic Materials The collagraph is sealed front & back with more medium varnish and left to dry for a few hours. Black etching ink is applied to the surface, and then wiped off, intaglio-style. Some ink remains on the flat areas of the collagraph plate, while more ink sits against the curbs, and in the grooves between the …[Continue reading]



Study for Albanian Apartment Building: Watercolor

This is a study for a larger painting. I love the geometric shapes and colors in the reference photo – taken by my daughter. It reminds me of a stack of children’s alphabet blocks, teetering towards the blue sky. (sold) The topic for Illustration Friday on March 9, 2007 is Wired. Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog

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