Watercolor on Yupo: Blanket Warmer

Painting vs Silk Aquatint? This one is from the archives (Sold, but there’s a matted reproduction of it here.). Β I’m re-posting it because I like the composition and geometry of the image, and I’m thinking about trying to make a larger silk aquatint of the same scene. What do you all think? It would likely be black and white, unless I try printing it a la poupee, which might be sorta fun too. Leave me some feedback in the comments if you have a sec, and let me know if you think I should bite the bullet and tackle it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for …[Continue reading]



Linocut: Reveille

Reveille 6×6 Linocut with Watercolor Available on Etsy. Sold This linocut was made for a print exchange, with the theme of The Nude. I used a composite of several photos in my files to create the sketch; snapshots of an old carriage house apartment I rented years ago, one of my cats on a sill, and a few figures from posing sessions with models and friends. The version above was painted with watercolor, and it’s available in my Etsy shop. The print without watercolor Pulling the Print Carving the Linocut Preliminary drawing on unmounted linoleum with sharpie and watercolor Art Quote Of late …[Continue reading]



Silk Aquatint: Library Cat

Library Cat 4×4 Silk Aquatint on Revere paper Available on Etsy. This is a double-post of sorts; an update on yesterday’s aquatint, after I made adjustments to the plate, and a new aquatint (above), printed in the same afternoon. Process shots start at the bottom of this post. Pulling the first proof of Library Cat, in graphite colored ink. The next print was done with a 50/50 mix of lamp black and transparent base, for increased contrast. (But I think the proof I pulled with the graphite is going to be perfect & fun for colored pencil…. rubbing hands and grinning madly) Using …[Continue reading]



Silk Aquatint (Ghost): An Affinity for Palm Trees

 An Affinity for Palm Trees 4×4 Aquatint Artist Proof (Ghost) with watercolor Available on Etsy. Continuing with Aquatint experiments here, I’ve painted another little plate with a blended 1/5 ratio of white acrylic paint and acrylic medium. The reference is based loosely on a photo I snapped of my sister, when she was visiting a few weeks ago from Alaska. The process shots start at the bottom, but I’ve already altered the plate with more layers of paint/gel, and will share the black & white print – sans any other mediums, as soon as I print it.  I rubbed a thin layer of …[Continue reading]



Silk Aquatint: Dusk

 Dusk 6.5 x 5.5 Silk Aquatint with colored pencil on Rives BFK paperAvailable on Etsy.I’m still experimenting with silk aquatint printmaking: different ratios of acrylic paint, acrylic gel and acrylic medium to get the resulting “what you see is what you get” on the print. So far, I’m getting a little too much tone printing in areas I’ve painted out, so I think it’s time to order some silk screen fabric in the recommended weave. I have a few more plates already made and underway with this synthetic silk organza, so I’ll print them for the practice, but I’m curious to see the …[Continue reading]



Watercolors: Floral Valentine’s Wishes

(Watercolors from top left, clockwise: Sabino Fish & Plums 6×8, Sour Green Apples & Wine 9.25×7, He Hung the Moon for Her 6×4.5, Graham Thomas Roses in a Blue Vase 10×7, Camellia on the First Day of Spring 7×5) Happy Valentine’s Day! A bell is no bell ’til you ring it,A song is no song ’til you sing it,And love in your heartWasn’t put there to stay –Love isn’t love‘Til you give it away.~Oscar Hammerstein, Sound of Music Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog



Monotype: Five More Minutes

Five More Minutes 4.5 x 6 Monotype Ghost with Watercolor I think this might be the first or second monotype I ever did – in 2005 or so. Hard to believe my love affair with this versatile method of painterly printmaking is almost seven years old, but I think I love it more now than I did before. Each additional year I get to experiment with it leaves me ever more thrilled to have discovered it. After inking my beveled zinc plate, I laid a sheet of paper over the plate and did a sketch of the image I wanted, which left a …[Continue reading]



Monotype: First Cup

First Cup 8.5×7 Monotype with watercolor on Arches Hot Press watercolor paper Process shots start at the bottom of this post Available on Etsy. If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, and you find early morning a little challenging, you’ll understand her daydream face and the way she’s cradling that first cup of coffee of the day. This was a fast little portrait to take a break from a larger still life I’m almost finished with… I’ll post it later this week. After pulling the print on the press bed; this was printed on spritzed & blotted Arches Hot Press watercolor paper (smooth). …[Continue reading]



Monotype: Winter Refuge

Winter Refuge 8×10 Monotype with colored pencil Sold Process images begin at the bottom of this post This was an anniversary gift from husband to wife. While describing the art he wanted to present to his beloved, my client referred to his wife as extra special and he said that she loves to read and garden, and that she is a great Mom to their son.  The birdbath fountain is a nod towards their little family of three, with an angel statue watching over them. The reader is settled comfortably in a big chair, surrounded by abundant blooms on a winter day, enjoying …[Continue reading]



Silk Aquatint: Cat in the Lap

 Cat in the Lap – 6.75 x 5.5 Silk Aquatint with Colored PencilAvailable on EtsyThis aquatint was made the same day as the previous post (Reflecting), with the same materials, and I got the same result. I reworked the print with some colored pencil (see before & after below) and prepped new plates (using mat board and plexiglass as a base), so I’m looking forward to the results of my next aquatint experiments. Fixing the print; after the ink dried, I added colored pencil to enhance the details I lost in the printmaking process.   Pulling the print on the press bed; As you …[Continue reading]



Silk Aquatint: Reflecting

Reflecting 5.25×4.5 Silk Aquatint on BFK Rives paper, with colored pencil Process shots begin at the bottom of this post I’ve been intrigued with the soft, gradient effects of aquatint in etching for awhile now, but the supplies needed are pretty specific and a bit too toxic for me to have in my home studio (check out this video from Crown Point Press to see how it’s done).  A few years ago, I read about silk aquatints online. The idea that I could get a gradient plate tone, and a painterly print, with water soluble materials (no acid) really rings my bell! So, …[Continue reading]



Woodcut: Josephine

Josephine 4.25 x 3.5 Woodcut with Watercolor Available on Etsy. This woodcut was chosen for the Georgetown, Texas Arts & Culture program Current: Banner Project. Josephine (above) is one of fifty four banners on display in downtown Georgetown. The project was created and produced by Nick Ramos of Graphismo, and will be on display till November 20th, 2011. The woodcut was carved from a block of Shina wood, inspired by beautiful photos of the entertainer Josephine Baker, and influenced by the illustrations of Jessie Willcox Smith (1863-1935) In the photo above, I’m testing the print, or making an Artists’ Proof – usually marked with A/P …[Continue reading]

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