Watercolor: Makes You Stronger

Makes You Stronger 11×4 Watercolor on paper My happy-dance twirling continues in the studio, and the gerbil wheels of my rusty creative urges are starting to squeak back to life and roll along happily. These long-format figurative warm-ups are helping. I have a show coming up in four weeks, and I had big plans for a series of urban scenes that were supposed to be well underway. I’ve got two more of these studies to post this week, painted on scrap paper my friend Nancy Eckels gave me after cropping sheets for her large scale abstracts. In the meantime, I’m working on the …[Continue reading]



Watercolor: Courtyard Fountain (Pasadena, CA)

Courtyard Fountain 9.75 x 7 Graphite & Watercolor on paper Later in the summer, I’ll be exhibiting in a two-person show with my good friend Laura Wambsgans at Gale’s Italian Restaurant (July 10-Sept 29 – artist’s reception on July 29th). Given the location of the show, I thought I’d paint a few scenes from around Los Angeles, and this is the first one, painted on the plane last week while enroute from East Coast to West Coast. The Pasadena City Hall has a cool old fountain in the courtyard, and it reminds me of European domed buildings and splashy fish & clam shell …[Continue reading]



Drypoint on Plexi (Artist’s Proof): Book Escape

Book Escape 8×10 Dry Point (Artist’s Proof) on Revere paper with Watercolor SoldI’ve been looking at my book of etchings and dry points by Anders Zorn(1860-1920), and they always fire me up with skill-craving and work-harder-inspiration. I want to get better at drawing in general, and printmaking that uses drawing. I’ve also been looking at an artist who’s work inspires me with his quiet, ephemeral figures – Thomas Wilmer Dewing (1851-1938). While making the plate for this piece (process shots start at the bottom),  and painting the artist’s proof to remind myself where darks and lights should mingle, I’ve been referring to books on …[Continue reading]



Monotype: Arizona & Angel Face

Arizona & Angel Face 6.5×4.5 Monotype Ghost with WatercolorSold  I’m back from the San Diego Artwalk with a lighter road case, and a festive satchel of memories from visits with old and new friends. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the show to visit, talk about & collect art, and catch up. Next weekend, I’ll be exhibiting in Sierra Madre, CA at the 50th Annual Art Fair in Memorial Park, and Saturday night, I’ll be in San Marino at the Art Matters Encore exhibit for the San Marino League at Huntington Gardens.  If you’re local to the area, please attend …[Continue reading]



Watercolor: Clementines for us, Darling?

Celementines for us, Darling? 8×6 Watercolor on paper (sold) This watercolor was done for a show a few years ago, and I’ve been meaning to set up a similar arrangement with a brightly patterned cloth under the bowl, large scale. In the original set up, the hand-thrown bowl was an engagement gift from a dear friend of ours. Under the clementines, there’s a whorled, red heart glazed into the ceramic, and the leaves of the clementines hint at a yin-yang balance. I think I should paint something similar, but bigger. What say you? This weekend, I’ll be at the San Diego Artwalk in …[Continue reading]



Watercolor: Birds on my Counter

Birds on my Counter 5×4 Watercolor on paper  This is a little study for a larger painting I haven’t done yet. The mini cast iron birdbath is on my kitchen bar upstairs with a white camellia in the bowl, and I’ve used it in so many still lives, I’ve lost count. When I see vintage photos of artists’ studios from long ago, I look for the objects on the shelves that I might recognize in their paintings, and it makes me wonder if the items were gifts, or found, or handed down through the family. Every artist’s clutter has a story to tell. …[Continue reading]



Dry Point on Plexiglass with Watercolor: Just Feel the Sun

Just Feel the Sun 4×6 Drypoint with Watercolor on Arches cover paper Drypoint from Plexiglass Here’s a frivolous little twirl from the studio; the image started with a sketchbook doodle (see the bottom of this post) after a rough week a few years ago, talking myself out of the pity party I was having, and remembering all the amazing and wonderful things in my life. Sometimes, I think it’s really as simple as this; stop thinking, breathe deep, and just feel the sun. What’s a Drypoint? Since the last post focused on this same method of printmaking, I thought I’d throw this one …[Continue reading]



Linocut: Thistle

Thistle 4.25×6 Linocut printed on Arches Cover paper, with Akua Mars Black ink and painted with Watercolor  After working larger these past few weeks, I wanted the satisfaction of starting and finishing something in one day, so I carved this little linocut (process shots begin at the bottom of this post). I find carving very meditative, and quieting. When I’m stressed or grieving, the process of art-making is a safe refuge, and usually, there’s a sense of progress at the end of the day. The countdown to the San Diego Artwalk is ticking at 14 days, with a long list of things to …[Continue reading]



Watercolor: Reading Room

Reading Room 30×22 Watercolor and Graphite on Strathmore 500 Plate Bristol paperSold I started this painting exactly a year ago, and then stored it in my studio closet with just a few washes on top of the graphite lay-in. My set up for working large was awkward, so I re-arranged my studio,  assembled a new easel, and pulled the painting out of the closet to take another look. You can see the process shots beginning at the bottom of this post.  If you follow this blog, you might remember my experiments with silk aquatint a few weeks ago. The print (above) – An …[Continue reading]



Monotype & Pastel: Winter Geraniums

Winter Geraniums 18×24 Monotype with Pastel on Rives BFK paper Back in the 70’s, as soon as the leaves began to turn, my grandparents drove from New England to Florida to escape the pending cold that might strain my grandfather’s partially removed lung. My grandmother shuffled all her pots of geraniums into their sunporch, and during the snowy winter, my parents checked on the house and watered the flowers till my grand parents returned in the Spring. I loved walking into this room full of sun and my grandmother’s painted wicker chairs – to smell the pungent scent of geraniums in bloom while …[Continue reading]



Watercolor on Yupo: Blanket Warmer

Painting vs Silk Aquatint? This one is from the archives (Sold, but there’s a matted reproduction of it here.).  I’m re-posting it because I like the composition and geometry of the image, and I’m thinking about trying to make a larger silk aquatint of the same scene. What do you all think? It would likely be black and white, unless I try printing it a la poupee, which might be sorta fun too. Leave me some feedback in the comments if you have a sec, and let me know if you think I should bite the bullet and tackle it. 🙂 Thanks for …[Continue reading]



Linocut: Reveille

Reveille 6×6 Linocut with Watercolor Available on Etsy. Sold This linocut was made for a print exchange, with the theme of The Nude. I used a composite of several photos in my files to create the sketch; snapshots of an old carriage house apartment I rented years ago, one of my cats on a sill, and a few figures from posing sessions with models and friends. The version above was painted with watercolor, and it’s available in my Etsy shop. The print without watercolor Pulling the Print Carving the Linocut Preliminary drawing on unmounted linoleum with sharpie and watercolor Art Quote Of late …[Continue reading]

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