Trace Monotype & Watercolor: Capistrano Mission Bell

This is a trace monotype of the San Juan Capistrano bell tower, from a photo taken inside the mission courtyard. (The dark field monotype I pulled when I made this one will be posted later in the week, after the ink dries.)The ink lines are about the same value as graphite, but they have a dotted quality to them from the tooth in the printmaking paper (Arches Cover), and I like the way they look around and underneath the watercolor pigments.Capistrano Mission Bell, 4.5 x 6.5 Monotype & Watercolor Available for sale here.(Sold) Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog




Trace Monotype & Watercolor: All in Green

After inking the plate to make a monotype, I lay a thin sheet of paper on top of the wet ink, and draw the beginnings of my image on the paper. The pencil-to-paper texture is familiar to me, and the pressure of drawing collects a line of ink on the back of the paper as my pencil bears down on the cover sheet. The image below is the result when the paper is peeled away. When I peel the paper sketch off the plate, the faint line work that stayed on the back of the sheet is a map in the ink (above) …[Continue reading]



Collagraph & Watercolor: Morocco

Morocco, 4.7 x 6.8 Collograph & WatercolorAvailable on Ebay.Using kid-grade construction paper, matboard & gloss medium varnish to build the plate.After coating the plate with a thin layer of oil based etching ink (Daniel Smith), I’ve wiped most of the ink off with tarlatan cloth. Master printmaker Jim Lorigan shared this tip: after wiping the plate with the tarlatan, wrap the cloth with one sheet of thin newsprint or a phone book page to create a baren. It works great for buffing textures on the flat planes of the plate.Pulling the first print off the plate after going through the press.The print next …[Continue reading]



Collagraph & Watercolor: Couch Napping

Collographs are made by assembling a collage on a substrate, inking the surface, and printing from the inked & wiped face of the collage. This one was built from construction paper glued to matboard with Gloss Medium Varnish.The collage is sealed front & back with more medium varnish and left to dry for a few hours.. Black etching ink is applied to the surface, and then wiped off, intaglio-style. Some ink remains on the flat areas of the collage, while more ink sits against the curbs, and in the grooves between the paper boundaries. The inked & wiped plate is pressed against soaked …[Continue reading]



Study for Albanian Apartment Building: Watercolor

This is a study for a larger painting. I love the geometric shapes and colors in the reference photo – taken by my daughter. It reminds me of a stack of children’s alphabet blocks, teetering towards the blue sky. (sold) The topic for Illustration Friday on March 9, 2007 is Wired. Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog

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