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Winter Cat Garden 8×10 Watercolor on Strathmore Plate Bristol
The reference for this little watercolor was sent by a friend in Masachusetts, where they’re under a blanket of snow, like most of the U.S. I’m lucky to live in a temperate climate now, but I’m thin skinned and thin blooded, despite my New England roots; 60 degrees is cold to me. That might explain why I’m drawn to sun drenched scenes as painting subjects. I could easily be a house cat, scanning each room like an efficient satellite, looking for warm squares of sunlight to park myself in.

I’ve written before about being cozy with alone-time if art-making is a livelihood. I think it’s a real challenge for folks who are social butterflies. One way to soften the edges of too much time with yourself is scheduled Art Days with fellow artists. I used to participate in small gatherings with other artists about once or twice a month in New England twenty five years ago. We rotated through each others’ homes, and brought chips, salsa and beer with the art supplies. It made for great camaraderie, exposure to new methods and networking opportunities when we compared notes on happenings in the Art World. In the last few years, I’ve had a similar experience when I had access to the Printmaking lab at a local college; everyone there became fast friends and the environment was enthused, serious about art, and very productive. Now, I meet with one or two friends for Art Days in our homes & studios, and it’s a lovely way to get something artful done while connecting & chatting with like-minded peeps. So, if you’re feeling a little isolated in the studio, call a few art pals, and pick a date. And don’t forget the chips, salsa and beer. 🙂

At my friend JMC’s house yesterday, painting watercolors with tea and biscotti.

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