Figurative Watercolor: Unwind

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Unwind 14 x 20 Watercolor on paper (sold)
The reference for this was snapped surreptitiously with a cell phone about four years ago, and I’ve used the image to make collographs and a few other things that are still in process. I love the geometric composition of squares around the room, and the curvy, zig-zag of light slumber on my favorite model on the couch. I started this watercolor as a demo piece at the San Diego Artwalk in April (see the easel set up in front of my booth in the image below). I set it aside till I moved my art table into my son’s room a few weeks ago. The light in there, and the comfy atmosphere felt just right prop it on the easel and finish it. I’ve got a few more final touches, but it’s pretty close.

First washes: blocking in the figure and the shapes around her.

West Virginia House, 5.25 x 7 Acrylic on Wood Block by Adrienne Trafford

Last March, I started a series on the art I’ve collected online. The piece above hangs in my studio. I met Pennsylvania Adrienne Trafford online in 2005, while we were selling art on Ebay, and we could have been co-presidents of a Mutual Admiration Society. If I was having a bummer day, I could count of Adrienne for an eyeful of artful inspiration, and a boost to the ego in compliments & encouragement. We are Klimt and Mucha fans, so it’s always fun to share new art with some of those influences – subtle or not – when we find it on the net. Adrienne has a shop on Etsy here, and a blog with a Zazzle shop here. If you’re in New England, and near Reading, Pennsylvania, swing by her brick & mortar studio at Gogglworks to say hello in person.
(Clockwise from top left)Early Blossoms, Strength & Contained, Watercolor on Paper by Adrienne Trafford

Art Quote
Do not be a tourist painter. The casual tourist landscape painter will paint in Italy or Holland. If he is a Long Islander, his things will look like good old Long Island no matter where he goes! If you stay at home & say something about your own period, life & environs, your art will be a sincere effort. Paint Long Island & say more about it than any other man, and you will be a great artist. Your own period will be just as picturesque to posterity as the 17th c. is to you. ~John E. Carlson

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5 thoughts on “Figurative Watercolor: Unwind”

  1. Hi Belinda,

    A beautiful painting. I love the composition, colour and mood. There is something very moving in the innocence of the model.

    Great work and great writing.


  2. I’m so glad to have found you! Your art is just beautiful and I feel like I’m having an art lesson of different techniques with so many of your posts (I looked down at quite a few of them)…I am going to come back when I have time and really read and look at all of your links! You are very inspiring!

  3. I love it, Belinda. Thanks so much for showing your first washes. This layering of watercolor is something I still can’t quite grasp the hang of but I’m working on it………..

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