Watercolor: Peaches in a Mexican Bowl (& video demos from great artists)

watercolor still life of peaches

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Painting Watercolor of Your Own Stuff

Years ago, my friend VLB returned from a trip to Mexico and gave me this hand painted bowl supported on three little feet.  I put peaches in the bowl to ripen, and a still life watercolor sprouted from the scene.

Tile counter grid-lines, back-lit peach orbs over curvy bowl shadows and watery reflections from an arbor on the patio outside all conspired to create a play on patterns.  (Photos of the process are below.)

It was a fun little study for a larger painting, and inspiration beyond the painting to find & bake a good peach cobbler.

Laying in cool and warm transparent color, planning the abstract fun on those reflections
First washes, with a light hand
A light graphite drawing of the basic shapes & geometry of tiles
Peaches in a Mexican Bowl 4.5 x 6.5 Watercolor (sold)

Artist Resources for You

  • Eric Kim is an ambitious, young, talented street photographer. If you’ve not “met” him yet, this post is a perfect introduction: 40 Tips for Living Every Day Life. Skim the bold letter headers, and I’ll bet you can find at least one little directive to tuck into your thought-pocket today.
  • Anna Mason is a wonderful watercolor artist in England. I’ve linked to her video tutorials on painting realistic fruit and flowers several times here, because she’s articulate & concise. A few weeks ago, she posted a short encouragement video on the Five most Common Blocks to Painting and How to Overcome Them.
  • Now there’s a video demonstration of the entire process featuring Dan’s tips and tricks. When a printmaker or painter demonstrates their process, in their own studio, you get bushels of bonus material from seeing the minutia of their methods, their go-to tools as well as their studio layout.

Take the time to watch another artist, even if you already have a “system”, for the potential to enhance & inform your own art-making.

Have an inspired week, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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P.P.S. Waiting for Spring? This train coming into the station scoffs at our yearnings.

Clover Leaf Watercolor Palette
Have you seen this nifty little compact palette? It’s called the Cloverleaf Paintbox, and when the leaves are closed, it measures just under 5 x 5 inches.
The paint well insert comes out for re-loading or cleaning, and you can rotate the configuration, so the thumb-rest on the corner works for right or left handed. How cool is that? Get more details and artist’s photos here.

Art Quote

Action cures all fear.
Make your art 80% ‘good enough’ in your own eyes; then hit publish.
Create the art you would like to see, and seek to please yourself, before you please others.

Eric Kim

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    1. Good morning Miss Grubinger! It’s so nice to “see” you. More tea? How about a butter cookie with that? Thanks for the visit, and the compliments, and I’m sending eastward-bound wishes for a rockin’ week.

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