Watercolor Floral Still Life Painting: Graham Thomas Roses

a watercolor painting of flowers - yellow roses in a blue vase
Graham Thomas Roses 10×7 watercolor on paper

Last Saturday, I exhibited printmaking and watercolors at Art on Palm in Altadena, California. I hadn’t attended the show before, but my friends Catherine & Ovie Cowles, who are also artisans,  organize the event, and they’ve been telling me about it for years. The venue is absolutely gorgeous: a single-lane entry drive dips into a canyon of private Arts & Crafts homes built 70-100 years ago. The residents host this event, as the booths of the 40 participating artists occupy their only road, their oak tree lined yards and river rock entryways. It’s incredibly generous, since the noise, presence of yakking artists (and cars while we unload gear) as well as the attending public during the event, must be an all-consuming intrusion. Each home owner was very kind and welcoming, and it was a wonderful show. Hearty thank you’s to my patrons who came out to listen to music, marvel at the beauty of Henry Greene’s architecture under the palms and oaks, and buy art.

Street view just outside the canyon entrance: quintessential Pasadena mountains and tree-lined neighborhood.


Asian Persimmon tree over my booth space at Art on Palm


Walk-thru artisan booths lined up on the entrance road into the canyon at Art on Palm

A short article and a video clip about Art on Palm was published in Pasadena Now.  You can read it here and watch the video below:

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4 thoughts on “Watercolor Floral Still Life Painting: Graham Thomas Roses”

  1. I hadn’t realized this was held in a private neighborhood. How was foot traffic for the event? Sorry I missed it, I was painting out at the Paramount Ranch with the California Art Club. Would you recommend this show?

    1. Hi Tina, Your CAC paint out sounds like a blast! Was it fun? Art on Palm is lovely, and I would recommend it if you have a hardy client list in the Altadena area. It’s really beautiful out there, and off the beaten path.

  2. Marilyn Thuss

    Hi Belinda
    Love the video….so wish I was there!! Great seeing the area, and super fun to see some of the artwork. Thanks for sharing it. Your roses are awesome, and your color choices are strong and beautiful.

    I will listen to Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk. I love that kind of stuff! We are having a beautiful fall here in the Northern Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. You would love it too!


    1. Hi Marilyn! I’m glad you liked the mini-view of the show. I will be posting a little walk-around video I took with my phone too, because words don’t do the place appropriate beauty-justice. And thanks for the compliments on the roses. I hope your art supplies are stirring in the Virginia Fall weather – it’s a great time to hunker down in the studio. 🙂

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