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Reflections & Shadows 13.25 x 7.25 Watercolor on Plate Finish Bristol paper
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What Inspires?

I started this watercolor at my friend JMC’s house during an art-day last week, and finished it in the studio yesterday. The reference photo was taken in the 80’s, and I’ve been reflecting a lot lately about that period of time in my life, and the meandering path my siblings and I took since then; college, the exploration of youth, good friends and where they are now, family members that have passed on, and others that are getting fragile with age. It’s always interesting to review time, and examine where we were then, and where we are now, and who left indelible finger prints on us along the way.

Helping Others

With the devastation in Japan just over a week old, my heart aches for the families missing loved ones, and the lives that were on very normal and particular paths full of promise, and have now been completely derailed. And they are cold. Outside in the cold. That just slays me.

Drawing (and altering) from a photo at my friend JMC’s house for an art day last week. I added the tree & birds wall-stencil behind the figure to play with the composition, and to represent family. The bouquet of flowers is a nod to the abundance of art & creativity in our lives.

Fundraising with Art

The watercolor I posted Wednesday is available for sale to help raise money for Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami recovery efforts. The scale of the devastation there is overwhelming and heart breaking, but I do believe that every little gesture of help makes a difference and helps us feel part of something much bigger than the minutia that occupies so much of our day to day lives.

My DPW colleague, Keiko Tanabe’s excellent theme of Home for this challenge is near and dear to me, since most of my reference material is taken from family photo albums.  The scenes of rooms and porches and kitchens that hold memories of time spent enjoying the company of family and friends. The little watercolor painting I submitted for the challenge was inspired by a photo taken during a visit to one of my oldest friends in New England. We’ve been fortunate to have thirty two years of friendship – enjoyed in cozy rooms filled with sunlight, art, old family photos, good books, furniture handed down from sweet grandparents, flowers from the garden and pots of tea. I knew when I took the photo that I would paint it, pondering with each brush stroke the many conversations and art-making sessions in rooms just like it.

Home is seasoned with the memories of time spent in spaces like this. Please visit the Daily Paintworks Challenge page and consider posting a piece of art for sale to contribute to Japan, or bid on one of the pieces in the challenge. More and more are added each day and in less than 24 hours, almost $3000 has been raised already.

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Art Quote

In Boston during the early twentieth century, artists such as Edmund Tarbell, Frank Benson and William Paxton practiced a form of painting that became known as the Boston School. These artists were participants in a revival of interest in the work of Dutch painter Jan Vermeer, thanks largely to the scholarship of Boston painter and instructor Philip Hale. Vermeer’s preoccupation with the female figure in an attitude of reverie, with light filtered across her form became a central theme of the Boston School. When Joseph DeCamp moved to Boston from Cleveland, he became one of the school’s primary proponents.

~James M. Keny

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  1. Wow yeah you really nailed this. Great job. I think this is one of my favorite.

    No maybe I’ll get back on Facebook sometime. It’s just been a huge time waster for me though. Hmmm lol

    I’m afraid I’ve gotten a wee bit behind on my art blogs Belinda. Here’s to keeping in better touch!

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