Watercolor Interior of a Room Full of Books and a Sleeping Dog

Reading Room 30×22 Watercolor and Graphite on Strathmore 500 Plate Bristol paper
I started this watercolor portrait of a room full of books and a sleeping dog exactly a year ago, and then stored it in my studio closet with just a few washes on top of the graphite lay-in. My set up for working large was awkward, so I re-arranged my studio,  assembled a new easel, and pulled the painting out of the closet to take another look. You can see the process shots beginning at the bottom of this post.

Working larger = bigger brushes; 1.5″ W&N Flat brush is fun.
Mid-way through painting the chair, I added a snoozing dog.
Painting larger takes longer, but it’s a good challenge;
step up, step away, squint, step up, step away, squint.
Glazing to layer color – and then adding texture with dry-brush.
Laying the under-drawing in with powdered graphite

Art Quote
I’ve never done a perfect drawing. The cheapest camera installed at the gas station parking lot will collect a more accurate depiction that I can make. I think of Art like I think about baseball. Whether you win or lose – isn’t it great to be playing baseball?! Even the best players only get on base one third of the time. The reason we’re doing this is that as kids, we started drawing and felt happy. So now, we should still be happy doing it. The focus should be on the love of art-making. Joy is in the full deployment of our faculties.
Anthony Ryder ~ 2010 during a Drawing demo

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Interior of a Room Full of Books and a Sleeping Dog”

  1. Voted, love the painting, and the
    quote is exactly how I feel. Of course sometimes pressure to produce moves art away from child’s play. But the joy is still there. I always feel joyful looking at your wonderful work.


  2. I’m late, but I saw this post before on my phone and I am not so good at commenting with my phone (that is smarter than me).

    This is beautiful – it amazes me what you do with watercolor. I love the atmosphere and the depth.

    You have reminded me once again on drybrush, so I am using it on my latest piece. So much is added with drybrush.

  3. Good luck on the Akua contest, yes I did vote. If you win we should go for coffee or a Rita, I live very close to Santa Fe these days. I like the latest painting, always in awe of what you can do with watercolor.

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