Watercolor Study: Gulf Shore Cottage

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Gulf Shore Cottage 17 x 24 Watercolor & pastel on Canson Bristol Paper
In between all the hubbub of Christmas festivities, Art Openings, Family time, food preparation and tree/presents trimming, I’ve been thinking about how to organize my studio, my studio time, and my goals for 2011. I’m thinning the supplies I have, and sorting things based on frequency of use; if I grab it daily, it goes in the storage at arm’s reach. If I only use it every 3 weeks, it goes in the garage. If I haven’t used it in two years, it gets donated, etc. I’ll be hanging a mirror in the studio so I can look over my shoulder to get distance and a reverse view of work on my easel. And I’ll be hanging some of my favorite artists’ work on the walls around me for inspiration, and reminders about values, edges, color harmonies, composition and mark making. Most of this will have to wait till after the weekend, but it’s been great to make a list and start planning.

As a little gifty to me, I’ll have this whole week coming up – the rest of 2010 – to experiment with whatever I want to do in the studio. The deal is this: Nothing will be for sale. Nothing I make will be for a show or an exhibit. Nothing painted or drawn will be for anything other than play-time, testing paper, materials, styles, approaches, techniques, being loose or tight or sideways or backwards. It’s a play-date with my art supplies, with no expectation of production. And, as a little gifty to you, if something produced next week comes out looking half way decent – even though there are *no expectations* to make anything even remotely close to nifty – I’m thinking it might be kinda cool to give it away on my blog to kick off the new year. If everything I make next week comes out looking like the bottom of a pond in late August, I’ll have to pull something from my archives as a give away. We’ll just have to see…. 🙂

In process with the reference photo I took in Mississippi last month.

Art Quote
The executive committee of a nameless assoc of artists whose pictures were rejected by the American Society of Painters & Watercolorists have decided to open a rival exhibit in the American Art Gallery. Rejections from the Watercolorists exhibit numbered at least 1000 & include many well known exhibitors. The committee wishes to be understood that they entertain no animosity towards the association. NYTimes 1882

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7 thoughts on “Watercolor Study: Gulf Shore Cottage”

  1. Happy New Year Belinda!
    It’s a great idea to take the time for play at the end of the year. Reminds us of what’s important. . , and as for cleaning/organizing the studio, well that’s just like opening the window for fresh air. I have been cutting up my piles of art magazines. Also reviewing older painting to see if there are ones that can be improved. Should be a good exercise to see if I have learned anything over the year’s.
    Thanks for the card and comments.
    now back to the paint!

  2. Happy New Year, Belinda. Good luck with the studio reorganisation – I should do the same, but mine is colder than a fridge at the moment. I’m typing with my down coat on!

    Have a wonderful year of art.

  3. Hi Belinda,

    I love the idea of play. I do have to get some work done, but I’m treating it as play. I understand exactly what you mean. Have a super
    holiday. Everything you do is wonderful.

    Happy New Year,


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