Watercolor: Tin Barn Near Adalaida (& a video: how is paper made?)

Tin Barn Near Adalaida 6.5x6.5 Watercolor
Tin Barn Near Adalaida 6.5×6.5 Watercolor (sold)

This watercolor landscape was painted after a trip to see my step dad in Central California. I love the shape of the land up there; curvy golden hillsides, forged smooth with time, and made soft & textured with grasses and shrubs. The fleshy horizon line along parts of the California highways remind me of reclined, slumbering figures.

Curvy hills in California make me think of reclined figures resting in the sun.

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 This 5 minute video (above) shows the fascinating process to create handmade paper. The process is equal parts modern mechanics, and centuries-old sequencing of almost choreographed movements by skilled paper artisans in the factory. (I wonder what they list as their titles on a business card? Professional Paper-maker?) I think a lot of artists muse about the expense of paper, and this video snippet may shed light on the enormous series of steps to create each sheet, and some of the properties to consider when selecting any hand made watercolor paper for your projects. Have you ever created hand made paper using screens and a blender?

Online art classes at Craftsy: quality course segments, self-paced & affordable 🙂

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To keep his errors down to a minimum, the internal Censor to whom a poet submits his work in progress should be a Censorate. It should include, for instance, a sensitive only child, a practical housewife, a logician, a monk, an irreverent buffoon and even, perhaps, hated by all the others and returning their dislike, a brutal, foul-mouthed drill sergeant who considers all poetry rubbish.

~W. H. Auden

7 thoughts on “Watercolor: Tin Barn Near Adalaida (& a video: how is paper made?)”

    1. Hi Ken!! Nice to see you! Thanks for the encouragement, and I look forward to your posts about handmade paper, and maybe even some more of your great printmaking. 🙂

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  2. Hi Belinda Beautiful Barn Painting, one of my painting passions is barns, another is old trees.
    enjoy getting your emails and jumping over to your blog,keep them coming, happy painting & printing

    1. Hi Margaret. It’s always a good thing to have painting passions, and you’ve picked two great subjects with endless variety of textures. I grew up in New England, so I like both barns and old trees too. Thanks for your encouragement, and happy painting back to you!

  3. Nice barn painting Belinda – a subject I enjoy. The paper-making video reminded me of a visit some years ago to St. Cuthbert’s Mill in Somerset, UK – very interesting to see the process first-hand.

    1. Hi Sonia, Lucky you to visit St. Cuthbert’s Mill! I’d love to see their machinery and process. They sent samples of Saunders Waterford paper, and it’s tough stuff. Really takes a beating. Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

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