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My friend LG’s living room and dining room in slanty afternoon light.

Study for Den 8 x 6 Watercolor on Strathmore 300 Bristol
Available in a Fund Raising Auction to help the people of Japan at the Daily Paintworks Challenge here.
I am very fortunate to belong to a collective of artists who are all incredibly accomplished painters: Daily Paintworks. Take a look at the web site to see what I mean about the talent. Pretty nice work, eh? All the members are very present on the internet, and many of them exhibit in galleries, teach workshops, travel to shows and juggle multiple hats in their art careers. One of the things the group has been curating is a weekly challenge, inspired by the amazing Karin Jurick and her fabulous Different Strokes Project last year. Everyone is invited to participate; you don’t have to be a DPW member to paint the Challenge and post it on the web site.

Here’s the description:

The DPW Challenge is about sharing, learning, and fun.

Each challenge consists of an image – either a photo or a painting – and a description or instructions. In most cases, participating is as simple as submitting your version of the image.

Anyone can participate by submitting an entry to any challenge – there are no deadlines! You can even submit more than once to a challenge. Any 2D media is welcome and don’t be afraid to interpret.

Simply click on the challenge you want to enter, then click on the Submit to the Challenge! link on the challenge page, fill in the dialog form that appears, and upload an image no larger than 1 mb and at least between 300 to 500 pixels tall or wide.

As a bonus, even if you are not a member of DPW, your challenge entries will be displayed with prices and links for purchase, in addition to description, painting media, and size. So be sure to enter all the information so someone can buy your painting!

And, the best part is there are no fees or commissions. You will also be able to mark your painting as sold when someone does buy it.

Now, will you submit to the Challenge?

This week, the Help Japan Challenge will also include an auction, hosted by DPW, with a pledge from each artist to send the auction proceeds from the sale of this week’s Challenge painting to charities for Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami relief efforts. (Note: the Challenge goes live Saturday, March 19th at 1:00pm CST)

Let’s rally, fellow artists; read the details, grab some art supplies, make something related to Home, and upload your art to the DPW site to help the people of Japan here. And please share the link with your artist friends & patrons; contributing to a tragedy in any way we can is such a hopeful element of our humanity. And it eases the gut punch of helplessness when we watch videos of what has happened over there.
C’mon… paint something.

Art Quote
Wyeth’s program could have been written by Fitz Hugh Lane: “to escape from the medium with which I work. To leave no residue of technical mannerisms to stand between my expression and the observer. To seek freedom through significant form and design rather than through the diversion of so called free and accidental brush handling.” We can also notice in Wyeth’s paintings those spacial conventions so frequent in Homer and Eakins, along with an interest in odd angles prompted by the camera eye, which often provides his idea of modern design. ~B. Novak

Save for later & Share!

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