Watercolor: Good Mornin’ Sunshine

Good Mornin’ Sunshine 11×14 Watercolor on paper

I just returned from nine days of caring for my grandkids (1 & 3), and after 24 hours & many miles away – I ‘m still listening sharply for a baby-waking-up down the hall, or taking note of kid-friendly groceries (peanut butter, goldfish crackers, etc.) in the pantry. It must be jet lag. Watching little ones is a whole other world of focus, organization and being fast-footed and witty every minute they’re awake. My hat is off (with applause) to every parent with little ones out there.  Bravo to you all. 🙂 My husband is still there, caring for the kids solo, just so I could return in time to attend the opening for my show tomorrow. He gets double applause (& a smooch) for that, but he’s a pro with little ones. It’s just like riding a bike – he’s still got his baby-whisperer-mojo.

The Artists’ Reception for Pavement to Pastures – the show I’m in with my pal Laura Wambsgans – is tomorrow, Sunday, in Pasadena at Gale’s – from 4-6:00pm.  Please come talk to me – it’ll help mingle my brain back to the Pacific Time zone.

Family time + Messy Studio = Go With It

The thing about prepping madly for a show, and then sneaking off to enjoy family time is the mess left behind in your wake. My studio looks like a hurricane touched down.  But it’s so okay. Next week: I’ll be my own Studio-Servant, mopping up the mayhem.

Art Quote
Looking back at this long search for the right paper-the right technique of painting in watercolor-I must admit that I’m troubled by this preoccupation with technique. After all, the real issue in painting is not only how you handle the medium, but what kind of pictures you paint. The method must be wedded to the conception. But I also know that the search for the right technique is part of the bigger search for a personal language. And this is all part of the process of growing as an artist.
~Burton Silverman

1 thought on “Watercolor: Good Mornin’ Sunshine”

  1. Hello Belinda,

    I love your work and blog that I follow from Brazil.
    I like specially the themes and the way you work with colors and light. Oh, I love the art quotes too.
    You have lovely grandchildren.
    Congratulations for your exhibit.
    Here, we use to send a big hug in our messages so, I send a big hug for you .

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