Watercolor Still Life Painting: Freesia

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Freesia 4.5 x 3 Watercolor on Canson Bristol paper
Petite little watercolor study of one of my very favorite spring flowers in an amber vase on a cornflower blue kettle cloth napkin – available in my Ebay Store.

My hand to give a sense of scale on the art.

Golden Melody 8 x 6 Reduction Woodcut by Igor Koutsenko

This past March, I started a series on all the art I’ve collected from artists who sell their work online. My friend Igor sells most of his work at Art festivals around Southern California, but you can meander his blog and his web site and send an email – and voila – he’ll mail art directly to you, which is how I got my hands on this lovely woodcut above. I saw her at an art festival, but his booth was so packed with patrons elbowing and grabbing his work, I didn’t want to interrupt the buying frenzy. (In retrospect, I should have donned a clerk’s apron, grabbed a pen and herded them to the wrapping table to process sales and wrap the art they wanted.) Silly me. Anyway, I got home, and realized I wanted this little flute player, because she’s lovely, and my little sister played flute when she was about 11. I sent Igor an email, and processed the transaction online with him, and my new art arrived, wrapped beautifully just a few days later. You can check out a selection of his woodcuts here.

Art Quote

I say and confirm that it is far better to draw in company than alone for many reasons: the first is that you will be ashamed to be seen among the draftsmen if you are unskillful, and this shame will cause you to study well. In the second place, a feeling of emulation will goad you to try to rank among those who are praised more than yourself, for praise will spur you; a third reason is that you will learn from the methods of such as are abler than you, and if you are abler than the others, you will profit by eschewing their faults, and hearing yourself praised will increase your skill.
~Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519

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