Watercolor: Yellow Roses (& sharing your art online)

Study for Yellow Roses 4×6 Watercolor (sold)

Are you sharing the fruit of your artistic efforts with us online? With Facebook, blogs, digitized museum collections and gallery previews, the entire global art world is in your studio.  Every single one of us has a shiny, gold All Access Pass. Before social media and blogging, I had no idea there is so much talent out there, right now. Living Artists, doing amazing work, today.

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I meet or discover 10 or 15 artists posting their work on Facebook alone every week. As testimonials spread about the benefits of Social Media as a Community, and a Marketing tool, more and more artists are jumping on the train. Do you have a blog? Are you linked to instagram, Facebook and Pinterest with your blog? Do you have a youtube channel? Are you sharing the work you make?

sunshine and shadows in the studio

The internet has empowered artists to show their work to the world with a computer, and I believe the creative population will continue to conjure new ways to use virtual proximity & social networking to expand artistic authority in new and innovative ways. (Watch this video.) As an artist, I’m thoroughly enjoying the camaraderie and access to so many painters and printmakers I admire and respect, as well as direct sales to my clients, and collaborative online marketing strategies.  Are you getting up from your table in the corner to join the dance train shimmying through the room?

If you’ve been thinking about jumping in, and posting your work online, do it now. Don’t wait for your work to get better. Don’t tell yourself you have nothing to say. Don’t stall by researching blogging platforms. Just Begin. You’ll learn as you go, just like everyone else. Share what you make, and we’ll encourage you to keep at it. We’re all focused on the same thing: doing the work. Share your light. C’mon in. You’ll do fine. 🙂

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Art Quote

Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.

~Anne Lamott


9 thoughts on “Watercolor: Yellow Roses (& sharing your art online)”

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  3. Beautiful painting, Belinda! I appreciate your comments about participating online. I have not been sharing via Instagram, or Flikr, and I need to do that.

    I had a blog when I was illustrating for rubber stamp companies, but now I have a website that is blogless – but I’m considering adding a blog page to it.

    When I had digital images available in my Etsy shop, I was even approached to do work for a stamp company when the art director saw my work there.

    I do have a Facebook page for my art now. Several weeks ago, I messaged an art gallery about their submission process. They answered me and I thanked them. A couple of weeks later, I was contacted again – they had seen my work on Facebook and encouraged me to come show them my work in person!

    There are also several Facebook groups that I belong to where I have learned SO much for other artists and there’s a real sense of community. It is amazing.

    Besides discovering new artists, friends, and mentors, social media has been a serendipitous source of opportunity for me :). Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and encouraging others to participate.

    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks very much for backing me up on this! The opportunities that have come your way from sharing your work online are wonderful! Bravo to you for taking the leap, and best wishes on the next adventures that peak over the horizon for you! 🙂

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