Cat Portrait in Watercolor – Out of Cat Food?

Did you Just Say “Out-of-Cat-Food”? 11×4 Watercolor on paper

I’ve got a couple more tall and skinny warm ups on leftover watercolor paper to post, and as you can see, I’ve sauntered the subject over to animals. Pets are such good company – to be sure – and each expression and personality is a delight to try and capture in pigments.  In vintage art history photos, I’ve seen a lot of studio cats & dogs sprawling around easels, draped over chairs, curled in laps and rendered in artist’s sketchbooks and paintings. Nice to know that so many artists have had some level of animal goodness – as company in the studio, and as subjects.

Art Quote
What a queer thing touch is, the stroke of a brush. In the open air, exposed to wind, to sun, to the curiosity of people, you work as you can, you fill your canvas. Then however, you catch the real & the essential-that is the most difficult. But after a time you take up this study again & arrange your brush strokes in the direction of the objects – certainly it is more harmonious & pleasant to look at & you add whatever you have of serenity & cheerfulness. 
~Vincent Van Gogh

3 thoughts on “Cat Portrait in Watercolor – Out of Cat Food?”

  1. Belinda, I love this one. All orange cats remind me of my own kitty Igor.

    And I enjoyed the art quote – reassuring to know that even Van Gogh could be flummoxed by onlookers!

  2. Just perfect again. I have seen this expression for a far less grievous offence. Isn’t it odd how we hear the words they don’t say.


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