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Gift Ideas for the Beginner Printmaker

Carnelian 4×4 framed Reduction Woodcut with Watercolor and Colored Pencil – Available in my Etsy Shop Gift Ideas for the for Beginner Printmaker When I started posting printmaking tutorials on my youtube channel, I got a flood of emails asking where one could buy a comprehensive starter set to try printmaking without breaking the bank. I’ve searched, and there isn’t a complete set in a box that includes all of the parts I’d recommend to try making a linocut or a woodcut for the first time. But a kit can be assembled a la carte to get you, or your beginner printmaker started on the right foot! …[Continue reading]


Color Woodcut: Bath Street Breakfast (printing & pondering from a block carved thirty years ago)

Bath Street Breakfast 4.5 x 5.5 Woodcut with Watercolor sold My reference photo for this woodcut was a breakfast table adorned with colorful pottery from Mexico, snapped in 1982. The block used for the woodcut was found in the recycle bin – tossed by a fellow student in Introduction to Printmaking in 1984 – after they quit carving two rough profiles on the back. (see below) With a student budget of broccoli & rice dinners,  I wouldn’t pass up 50% of a perfectly good chunk of birch ply. Bath Street Breakfast Woodblock The reverse side of the block; carving started & then tossed …[Continue reading]


Woodcut & Watercolor: Artemis (Diana)

Artemis (Diana) 12×11 Woodcut with Watercolor Available – in my Etsy Shop I purchased Shane Weller’s book (Dover Publications) on German Expressionist Woodcuts in the mid-90’s, and it’s been an excellent source of inspiration when I feel pulled to make something impactful, unfussy – and most important to me – different from the style & subject of what I normally carve. The book features excellent, full page examples of woodcuts from Kollwitz, Beckmann, Zitzewitz and Kirchner, etc. Those images lead me to research other artists from the early 1900’s – all of them gouging prolific creative visions into planks of wood, and printing …[Continue reading]