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Watercolor – Lucy Signals Catwoman, and How much Try do you have?

Lucy Signals to Catwoman 21 x 30 Watercolor (sold) Trying in Art I’ve been thinking about the act of trying. The word means simply: to attempt something for the first time, or to put to test or trial. We adults expect our kids and grandkids to try all day long, because they have so much to learn. Adults are supposed to know stuff already, so we plow a groove into our familiars, and follow patterns of mastered activity that are comfortably absent of trying. I am a lifetime member of the Creature of Habit Club. There is no trying in that demographic. We …[Continue reading]

Firenze Cucina

Art Links for You, and a Watercolor – Firenze Cucina

Firenze Cucina 12 x 17 watercolor on paper (sold) Art Links for You Here are some art links for you this week, with hopes that you’ll latch onto something that fires your urge to create, and muffles your inner critic. It’s Spring. Lets get some inspiring snapshots from around the yard, and make something soon! Solar Plate Printmaking If you live near Santa Fe, New Mexico, you can take a printmaking course on solar plate printing with the originator of the process, Dan Wheldon this coming June. If I lived closer, I would sign up for this workshop in a heartbeat. Check out …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Afternoon with Wyeth – and a New Documentary on Andrew Wyeth

Inspired by Andrew Wyeth One of my favorite artists is Andrew Wyeth. One of my favorite books about him is Andrew Wyeth – A Secret Life by Richard Meryman.  In the watercolor above, Meryman’s book is draped over the arm of a chair as an ode to both the author, and the artist. I was amazed at Meryman’s ability to open a door, and pull you over the threshold to sit at a table of Wyeth children on a wintery night – with words. I was in those rooms, watching eager kids draw, and then pause to listen, startled, as their father N.C. Wyeth …[Continue reading]


Using the Grid Method to transfer Drawings to Watercolor paper

The Art of Winding Down This watercolor painting started as a surreptitious iphone snapshot on a winter evening almost ten years ago. Reading (or painting) after dinner to close-out a long day is one of my favorite ways to wind down, and I’ve always enjoyed decompressing with family. Everyone in the same room, immersed in their own adventure through written words on a page, but still connected within the same four walls of our cozy rooms. Do you hang out with your family while reading or painting too? Inspiration Station As artists, do you sometimes wonder about the visual legacy you’ll leave behind? …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Study for Sage and Cider (and some great links and upcoming art festivals)

Springtime is the beginning of art festival season for me, and I hope you’ll gather art-loving friends and stroll in the sunshine to say hello if you’re near either of these two events: San Diego Artwalk: April 28 & 29, 11:00am-6:00pm Little Italy, San Diego, California This will be my 10th year exhibiting at this beautifully organized and artist-friendly festival. It’s on the water, and in the midst of the main area of Little Italy where all the restaurants and coffee shops are, so it’s a lovely place to stroll, and eat, and be inspired. Sierra Madre Art Fair: May 5 & 6, …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Cruising California Rt 126 and Inspired by Sketch Artists

How Many Times a Week Do You Sketch? Hi y’all, I’ve got some sketch artists for you, to help propel your drawing and doodling inspiration. Do you want to draw and sketch more often? (I mentioned this goal in a previous post here.)  I’ve been trying to sketch in the evenings – whether I’m sitting with my Mister, or in a gaggle of friends and family sprawled on someone’s couch. Arm yourself with a two-ingredient plan;  a pencil and a sketchpad.  Draw what’s in front of you, or tuck a few reference photos into your sketchpad.  You can still chat and listen while …[Continue reading]


Micron Pen & Watercolor: Cypress at L’Arcade (& frustrations at art workshops)

A few weeks ago, I worked as crew with WorkshopsinFrance.com, during a fantastic Carol Marine workshop at a chateau in Provence. I used ink & watercolor on the cypress trees and hedges above, feeling appreciation & breathing in the French air on the lawn where we stayed.  The workshop had all the magical scenery (queue the location shots from A Good Year), food & wine and culture you might imagine from that region of the world. *And* ART, everyday, all day long. One of my favorite things about art workshops is days-upon-days of discussing art making, art supplies, art marketing, and artist experiences …[Continue reading]