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Traveling with Watercolors – Best Lightweight Art Supplies

Galilean Moons 9.5 x 18 Watercolor (sold) Over the years of posting photos here of work in process at Art Festivals, you’ve asked about the set up I use to paint watercolors away from home. I try to keep my traveling watercolor kit small, and nimble. Here are some of my best lightweight art supplies. At festivals, I usually use an easel to accommodate standing, face-to-face conversation with strolling visitors. If you don’t have an easel, don’t fret, because there are alternatives. I didn’t take an easel to France on either trip with workshopsinfrance.com, and it worked out beautifully with just a little …[Continue reading]


Packing Small – Traveling with Watercolors

Egg Timer, 5×8 watercolor in a moleskine watercolor pad Packing Small and Traveling with Watercolor I mentioned in the last post that I recently returned from a vacation, and I’m dedicated to packing small, and traveling with watercolors. The little study above was painted on the plane on the way home. Five hours goes by much faster when you’re painting & listening to an audio book (I’m listening to and *loving* this one – I don’t want it to end). After making art on airplanes for a few years now (see this post, this one and this one) I can confirm that knowing …[Continue reading]