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Making a Silk Aquatint: The Captain’s Cabin

Silk Aquatint Experiments What’s a Silk Aquatint?  This previous post covers the mechanics of how silk aquatints work, and some of the materials used.  Let me show you more details here so you can build one yourself. Silk Aquatint is a form of printmaking that’s considered an intaglio print – that is – you’re printing from the recessed areas of the plate’s matrix, where ink is hunkered down, after wiping the uppermost surface of the plate clear. In order to get paper to dip down into those tiny spaces in the screen of the silk where it will pick up your ink, printing via an …[Continue reading]


Silk Aquatint Printmaking: Library Cat

Library Cat 4×4 silk aquatint with colored pencil (available in my etsy shop) Silk Aquatint Portrait Here is another silk aquatint , with colored pencil, based on a quick cell phone snapshot of my trusty studio assistant, Scout.   He’s all about being helpful, especially if you need things like fur in the paint, shoe laces untied while carving details on a block, paint brushes scattered to the floor, or a lap warmer. He’s house-renowned as an expert in his field of Bothersome-but-Cute. Do you have a studio assistant? Signing a small edition of ten silk aquatint prints Applying printmaking ink to the plate …[Continue reading]

silk aquatint portrait

What is a Silk Aquatint? A Printmaking Method Introduction

What is a Silk Aquatint? Silk aquatint is a variation of a printmaking method – Aquatint.  The traditional version uses an acid bath, a metal plate, a blow torch and some pretty caustic materials. This “silk” version is a home-studio, no-acid, Do-it-Yourself aquatint using plexiglass as a plate, synthetic silk and acrylic paint. By most accounts, this alternative was invented by Massachusetts maritime painter and printmaker Donald Stoltenberg (1927-2016) Silk Aquatint Printmaking – Wait, What?? The premise of a silk aquatint – on a larger scale – is this: pretend you took an 8×10 sheet of plexiglass, and you painted one side black. …[Continue reading]


Silk Aquatint with Colored Pencil: Library Cat

Library Cat 4×4 Aquatint w/ colored pencil SoldI framed this little guy to bring to the Sierra Madre Art Fair this weekend. (If you’re near Los Angeles, CA, swing by and say hello.)  He’s small and cute, and he fits nicely with some of the other petite printmaking art I’ll have hanging in my booth. The process shots for this silk aquatint are below, but if you need more details to try making one, you might look at this post, or search this blog for the word aquatint to see more of my experiments with this excellent, non-toxic printmaking method. I have some bigger format …[Continue reading]


Silk Aquatint: Library Cat

Library Cat 4×4 Silk Aquatint on Revere paper Available on Etsy. This is a double-post of sorts; an update on yesterday’s aquatint, after I made adjustments to the plate, and a new aquatint (above), printed in the same afternoon. Process shots start at the bottom of this post. Pulling the first proof of Library Cat, in graphite colored ink. The next print was done with a 50/50 mix of lamp black and transparent base, for increased contrast. (But I think the proof I pulled with the graphite is going to be perfect & fun for colored pencil…. rubbing hands and grinning madly) Using …[Continue reading]


Silk Aquatint (Ghost): An Affinity for Palm Trees

 An Affinity for Palm Trees 4×4 Aquatint Artist Proof (Ghost) with watercolor Available on Etsy. Continuing with Aquatint experiments here, I’ve painted another little plate with a blended 1/5 ratio of white acrylic paint and acrylic medium. The reference is based loosely on a photo I snapped of my sister, when she was visiting a few weeks ago from Alaska. The process shots start at the bottom, but I’ve already altered the plate with more layers of paint/gel, and will share the black & white print – sans any other mediums, as soon as I print it.  I rubbed a thin layer of …[Continue reading]


Silk Aquatint: Dusk

 Dusk 6.5 x 5.5 Silk Aquatint with colored pencil on Rives BFK paperAvailable on Etsy.I’m still experimenting with silk aquatint printmaking: different ratios of acrylic paint, acrylic gel and acrylic medium to get the resulting “what you see is what you get” on the print. So far, I’m getting a little too much tone printing in areas I’ve painted out, so I think it’s time to order some silk screen fabric in the recommended weave. I have a few more plates already made and underway with this synthetic silk organza, so I’ll print them for the practice, but I’m curious to see the …[Continue reading]