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Learning to Love Books, Monotype with watercolor & colored pencil

Monotype Printmaking – Learning to Love Books, and a monotype video from MOMA

Making Art in Public Places For a few years, I exhibited watercolors and printmaking for a month at a time at Descanso Gardens in La Canada, California. Plant aficionados, trail hikers, botanists, beekeepers, school bus field trips and runners frequent the camellia forest there. I liked working on watercolors and printmaking in the gallery, because the gardens are incredibly quiet (the word descanso translates to a place of rest), the grounds are beautiful and it gave me an opportunity to discuss art making process with visitors. A Primer on Monotype Many of the folks I met at the gardens had a pleasantly vague …[Continue reading]


Monotype Ghost Print with Watercolor

Monotype Ghost Print with Watercolor Added My love-affair with monotypes continues with this floral still life, painted on a very faint ghost print.  I’m considering a monotype workshop in my new online school – http://www.belindatips.com – with particular attention to making monotypes without a press. Would you be interested in such a thing? Inspiring Monotype Art Links Here are some links to artists making painterly monotypes, specifically with watercolor (as opposed to the traditional, oil based printmaking inks). A few beauties by Edgar Degas, Paul Dougherty and Maurice Prendergast at the Cleveland Museum. Debra LePage’s watercolor monotypes, printed from yupo paper Heidi Fourie’s soft, …[Continue reading]


Resources for small, affordable printing press alternatives!

Making Prints without a Printing Press On my youtube channel, one of the most frequent comments left on printmaking tutorials is how to make art prints and printmaking without a printing press. A press is an expensive investment, and they’re heavy, with a large footprint that’ll take up quite a bit of floor space in a room.   There are also many to choose from, so it’s understandable that beginning printmakers are overwhelmed.     Drypoint Printing Press Alternatives There are workarounds to make both relief and intaglio prints at home that include hand transfer, or printing press alternatives. Hand transfer of drypoint …[Continue reading]


Printmaking Drypoint: Cat Cot (& a tutorial video on drypoint printmaking from mylar drafting film)

A  drypoint-from-drafting-film printmaking experiment resulting in the art above is posted on my youtube channel. You can make a drypoint engraving on matte finish mylar – or drafting film – and print an edition so you can paint each one in a different palette with watercolor, gouache, colored pencil or your media du jour. Try tracing a figure study from a sketchbook  (like I did below) onto a small sheet of matte finish Dura-Lar drafting film, and then scribe the line-work with an etching needle.  Ink the mylar, wipe & print… voila. 🙂 The resulting print in this experiment was terrifically sketchy. (My technical art terminology works best …[Continue reading]


Drypoint on Plexiglass – Printmaking – and inking with a la poupée

Peacock Feather  6×4 Drypoint engraving (also called etching) inked in the a la poupee method with Akua water based inks, and metallic pigments Making a Drypoint on Plexiglass or Acrylic Drypoint is a very old printmaking process, traditionally done on copper. Plexiglass (also called perspex, acrylic and lexan) is an affordable, and often more easily accessible alternative. If you’re unfamiliar with printmaking using plexiglass to make a drypoint engraving, here’s a little video demonstration for the drypoint process from my youtube channel, so you can see the steps. Scroll through the images below to get an overview of the process, and check the …[Continue reading]


How to Make a Collagraph, and Print it in Full Color

Cape Dory Book Club 7.25 x 10 Collagraph    Available in my Etsy Shop. How to Make a Mat Board Collagraph Would you like to try some printmaking with scrap matboard? Here’s a playlist of step by step demos on how to make a collagraph print in tutorial videos posted on my youtube channel.  And this blog post will show you – in photos – some of the supplies and steps, so you can make an intaglio style mat board collagraph too. You don’t need a press, and you can trace your image! Scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of supplies …[Continue reading]