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Linocut: Winged (& when artists steal from each other)

Artists Stealing from Artists An artist I admire has recently been copied by another artist, with no attribution.  The copied work is for sale, presented as original to the artist listing it. It’s a direct copy – as in brush stroke-for-brush stroke, but with the tell-tale mark-making of a novice painter.  Another artist friend had her work offered as custom-order paintings in an online store, but the thief didn’t bother to take my friend’s signatures off the jpegs when he pulled them from her website and listed them in his shop. My linocut above, Winged, has been copied by two separate artists, and sold in each of their online …[Continue reading]


Watercolors: Unwind (& Art Festival photos from San Diego Artwalk)

I’m back from a weekend of selling watercolors and printmaking at the Artwalk in San Diego’s Little Italy. I’ve posted photos below from Beech & India Streets; 350 artists line up on 15 blocks, alongside turn of the century Italianate houses, and spiffy new mirror-glass office buildings and high-rise condos, just a few blocks from the ocean. By the end of the weekend, 100,000 people walked through the show, and in addition to the art, attendees enjoyed live music, food (the Italian sausage booth is always very popular, as is the funnel cake served with powdered sugar, fresh berries and whipped cream) and photo ops with San Diego Police SWAT …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Afternoon with Wyeth (& the Pros and Cons of Artistic Exposure)

When you make art for the simple joy of creating – there’s incorruptible magic in the act. It’s fueled by your own expression, your personal sense of aesthetics, and your choice of media & subject. The entire adventure belongs to you. But as soon as you think about showing & selling your work – whether via social media, an exhibition, an online shop, or taking commissions – everything changes. Now, you’re making art for other people, and they might give you money for it, or your creative time is fused with desires for winning Best of Show. The switch from private playtime in the studio to taking your art out to the public, or making a …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Waiting for Rain – how to make a monotype

A New Monotype Tutorial I’ve posted another monotype tutorial video on my youtube channel. This one is perfect if you don’t have a press, or a whole day to play with ink; a single color is rolled out directly on a table covered with a large sheet of plexiglass. If you don’t have plexiglass, you can roll your ink out on a glass shelf or a piece of glass from a photo frame, taped down to a table. The back of a paint brush handle is used to sketch shapes into the wet ink, and the art-making process is off and running from there. The …[Continue reading]


Trace Monotype: All in Green (& LinkLove videos on printmaking)

I’ve been writing about and filming trace monotypes, so here’s another one (above) from my archives. The process is simple and the mark-making is lovely. Here’s a little #linklove featuring a variety of printmakers’ videos on the subject: • This is a nice, clear step by step intro to the trace monotype process by School of Yule. • And this one, by a channel called Crafty Birdie is simple, and the end result is adorable. • Here’s a trace monotype drawing of a hampster, done loose and sketchy. (Don’t you need to make a portrait of your pet?) • Not trace monotype, but here’s a bonus: Bridget Farmer …[Continue reading]


Watercolor portrait: Frida Wearing Fishes

I enjoy working in a small format, so when I heard about Artist Trading Cards, or ATC’s ten years ago, I jumped into the fun with a series of portraits. I painted Frida Kahlo several times, and used all four of my grandparents as models from vintage photos of their newlywed years. I had a blast painting an assortment of notable authors, poets and artists.   Some artists (ahem. cough. my hand is up) find working in-series to be very challenging. What flavor of series have you worked in?  What got you motivated to start? And did you complete the series? Art Quote If a little of …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: In the Studio (& the Thousand Oaks Artwalk this weekend!)

Hi everyone, My move is almost finished; I gave the last tower of freshly unpacked & collapsed boxes away on Craigslist yesterday, and I can see the floor in my studio. I still need to tidy up a bit, and then I’ll shoot a video, as requested, to introduce you to this new studio, and compare it to previous work spaces. (The image above was painted from a photo snapped in the 80’s in my “studio”, one of two rooms in my apartment at the time.) In the meantime, this weekend, I’ll be exhibiting at the Thousand Oaks Artwalk on Saturday & Sunday, from 10-5pm in …[Continue reading]


Drypoint on Drafting Film or Dura-Lar: Kinship (and a Process video)

Kinship 7×5 drypoint engraving with watercolor Available in my Etsy Shop I’ve got a quick, fun experiment from the studio today, and I video taped the process & outcome so I could share the details with you in case it was a bust. 🙂 Several years ago, I read about an un-named artist making drypoint engravings (incised directly into the plate without the use of acid) on matte finish drafting film, which is a thin, flexible polyester sheet used like paper for drawing with colored pencil, pens, marker and an assortment of other media. The portrait above – Kinship – is my first test, …[Continue reading]


Drypoint Mixed Media: Bird on her shoulder (& a drypoint technique video from Crown Press)

Bird on her shoulder 5 x 7 inch drypoint engraving with colored pencil (2nd AP) Sold I’ve fixed a little glitch in my rss feed, so you may have missed the last two posts, and news of a sale in my Etsy shop.  There are over 200 pieces of art to peruse, so click on over and have a look.   Use the code DECEMBERSALE during check-out in my shop for 20% off everything in the store till Christmas eve!    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments here, or email me directly.  And don’t forget to Subscribe via Email to this blog for fresh art delivered to your …[Continue reading]


Trace Monotype: Portrait of an adolescent boy

Burgeoning Boy 8.25×6.75 Trace Monotype with watercolor washes on Thai Kozo paper   –   Available in my Etsy Shop Yesterday, I printed an edition from a mat board collagraph with a taupe gray mixed from leftover akua inks used on previous projects. I had a dollop of ink left at the close of the day (see first photo below). This inspired a random decision (#distractedartist) to make a trace monotype. My work table is covered with a sheet of plexiglass, so I rolled the leftover ink out with a brayer. The process shots below (hopefully) explain the sequence for this type of print. …[Continue reading]


Mixed Media Portrait: Leaving Rockport

Leaving Rockport 6.75×3.25 Mixed Media Available in my Etsy Shop The winner of the Printmaking DVD give-away featuring Catherine Kernan’s amazing woodcut & monoprint methods – Between Ink & Paper – is Ellen in Maine!  Congratulations, Ellen! (Please email your address so I can send this awesome DVD: bdelpesco at mac dot com) Stay tuned for more giveaways – I have a box of goodies pulled from my studio-clean-out, ready for new hands! Have a creative day and thanks for stopping by! On a scrap of Arches 300 lb watercolor paper: this started as ball-point pen doodle after dinner while having tea with …[Continue reading]


Intaglio Etching with Watercolor: Cat Nap

Cat Nap 2.38 x 3.71 inch Intaglio Etching with Watercolor (Artist’s Proof) Cat Nap is available in my Etsy Shop.I went to San Francisco to see the Anders Zorn exhibit at the Legion of Honor Museum on Tuesday.  It was mind-bogglingly exquisite. He is one of my favorite artists, ever. My head is humming with inspiration harvested while standing amidst the crowd, in front of his etchings, drawings, watercolors and oils. Next to a Sargent show I saw a number of years ago, the Zorn exhibit was the best exhibit I’ve ever seen. It was amazing. I’ll write more about it soon, but …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Books and Coffee

Books and Coffee 3.5×3.5 watercolor and ink on paper  sold Available in my Etsy Shop.A gaggle of housemates have moved in – four legged and two legged – so we’ve been moving furniture, making beds and settling in. And then, visitors arrived for the weekend from the east coast and the mid-west to make the atmosphere even more festive, so we’re beginning the new year with long-tabled dinners, squeezey seating on the couch, and playing on the floor with babies. Early in the morning, while the house was still dark, I took a steamy cup of coffee into the studio to sketch this …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: Rainy Day Girl (making a collagraph with mat board and construction paper)

Make a Collagraph This collagraph was inspired by a photo snapped in Rockport, MA in the 80’s, and it was one of the first collagraph’s I assembled. This is a simple, straight forward method of printmaking you can do at home. Collect your art supplies; a piece of matboard or illustration board as a base, some construction paper to cut out the shapes of your subject, scissors and an exacto knife, and a bottle of liquitex gloss medium varnish to adhere the pieces, and seal the entire plate once your cut paper has been laid in place. Then, you’ll need ink, paper to …[Continue reading]


Linocut: Corona (Frida Kahlo)

Inspired by a Stranger This linocut is not part of the series I’m working on (process shots are below), but a subscriber asked if I had a Frida Kahlo linocut framed and available, and here it is. This little linocut portrait was inspired, carved and painted because of my admiration for the lovely Frida. I’ve been fascinated by her face and style of dress for over a decade. I don’t know what it’s like to march to an individual and wholly different drummer the way she did. I suspect that her courage came in the same envelope as the pain and tragedies of her …[Continue reading]


Linocut: Tweet (Macaw & Budgie)

This is the third is a series (you can see the first and second prints) of linocuts depicting my family, primarily from vintage photos, with creative license in the form of imagined animals and a variety of environments added to the imagery. The linocut above – Tweet – was from a wonderful old photo of my dad’s sister and mother, leaning on the dutch door of their Connecticut farmhouse in the early 1950’s. I altered their gazes & added the Macaw and the Budgie to the art.  My grandmother kept a little parakeet in her kitchen, and my grandfather designed and manufactured a variety of bird-feeders. …[Continue reading]