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Micron Pen & Watercolor: Cypress at L’Arcade (& frustrations at art workshops)

A few weeks ago, I worked as crew with WorkshopsinFrance.com, during a fantastic Carol Marine workshop at a chateau in Provence. I used ink & watercolor on the cypress trees and hedges above, feeling appreciation & breathing in the French air on the lawn where we stayed.  The workshop had all the magical scenery (queue the location shots from A Good Year), food & wine and culture you might imagine from that region of the world. *And* ART, everyday, all day long. One of my favorite things about art workshops is days-upon-days of discussing art making, art supplies, art marketing, and artist experiences …[Continue reading]


Pen and Ink Watercolor: Lean In Three (new demo video)

Productive in the Studio Happy September to you! Fall Art Festivals will start for me this weekend (If you’re in Thousand Oaks, CA, be sure to visit the Thousand Oaks Arts Festival and say hello!), and there are no less than five projects underway in my studio. It’s a race to the finish line to get deadlines met, show layouts completed and art packed and delivered, but it’s All Good. New Pen and Ink Tutorial Video I just posted a video of the pear art above on my youtube channel (see below), and I’m wondering if the next video should be an introduction to the …[Continue reading]


Pen & Ink: Afternoon Snack (& a video of the process)

What is a Still Life? From Wikipedia: A still life (plural still lifes) is a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which may be either natural (food, flowers, dead animals, plants, rocks, or shells) or man-made (drinking glasses, books, vases, jewelry, coins, pipes, and so on). With origins in the Middle Ages and Ancient Graeco-Roman art, still-life painting emerged as a distinct genre and professional specialization in Western painting by the late 16th century, and has remained significant since then. Still life gives the artist more freedom in the arrangement of elements within a composition than do paintings of …[Continue reading]


Pen & Ink: Over-due Library Books (and making plans for 2015)

Over-due Library Books 3.5×4.5 Pen & Ink Available in my Etsy Shop In between December’s packed little calendar squares, swollen round with shopping, menu plans, decorating, greeting card distribution, holiday parties and travel, I toss a pillow into the corner of the month somewhere, to sit and think about my art plans for 2015.  It gets me excited with possibilities for the wide-open tundra of the year ahead. Little art I started scribbling a list in my studio, and with each line item, my heart beat a little faster with ideas and plans and potential. Do you make an end-of-year list too? What’s …[Continue reading]


Pen & Watercolor: Self Portrait

Self Portrait – Pen and Watercolor on Arches paper Do You Draw your own Face? My son saw me working on this self portrait yesterday and asked me how many I’ve done over the years. I think, like most artists, the answer is too many to count.  I’m a cheap model (read: free) and my mug is familiar, which makes at least one element of the challenge more manageable. Have you done self portraits? Do you post them? Please share your thoughts about this practice in the comments. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in the next post, Belinda Art Quote …[Continue reading]