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Bonnard Inspired Portraits: Painting the People You Love

Lee in the Garden 6.5 x 3.5 watercolor on paper (sold) Prolific Pierre Bonnard In addition to Bonnard’s bathing nude portraits, and window/still life interiors, he painted lovely genre scenes of his people. If you’ve visited this art blog before, you know I’m partial to these subjects in my own work, so it’s no wonder that I appreciate Bonnard’s approach to what might be seen as mundane or trite scenery. (Here is a video slideshow of over 700 Bonnard paintings.) Finding a subject that resonates with you is part of every artist’s seeking adventure. It has less to do with the dictations of …[Continue reading]


Learning Color and Composition from Bonnard

Looking for a Map 8×6 graphite and Watercolor on paper (available here) (sold) Look Around You Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947) was a french painter inspired by the rooms in his home, his yard and the people in his life. I can relate to this close-proximity of inspiration – the sense that everything worth painting is within arm’s reach around you. I especially love that his homes were very simple and somewhat plain, but his paintings of those rooms are a kaleidoscope of wild colors. Adding transparent glazes of watercolor over the graphite The Dressing Table – Pierre Bonnard Up Close, and Far Away Have …[Continue reading]