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Monotype: Purple Barn (& organizing your studio)

There’s a lot of Fall harvesting going on here in California. The farms near my house are full of cage-box trucks heavy with green and yellow citrus, and the scent of fresh-cut produce is strong on the roads I frequent; onions, peppers, cabbage and herbs are all abundant and fragrant. As we approach the end of the year, this is a good time to take stock of your art-making habits, the state of your promotional activities, and where and how you’re making your work available. Is your studio organized and ready for you to get to work? Did you make the volume and the …[Continue reading]


Trace Monotype: Balladeer (& museum-goers are asked what they see in art)

My grandparents met in a Connecticut textile mill as teenagers. They were not yet 20 when they married. He was from Canada and spoke only French, and she was from England, so communication was challenging in their early years. Right up to the end of their lives, they held hands, patted the empty seat next to them beckoning the other to come sit close, and they made each other laugh, especially while reminiscing. I loved visiting them, typing frantically on my lap top, to harvest everything they giggled when I asked “Where were you when you first kissed?” (In the back of a horse-drawn sleigh on a snowy Thanksgiving …[Continue reading]


Linocut: Pippins & Braeburns (& Hilary Paynter’s wood engravings)

I’ve been framing small linocut prints to take to the San Diego Artwalk this weekend. I usually meet young people interested in art, but not yet fluent enough financially to be art collectors. Printmaking in small editions is a lower price-point than one of a kind paintings, so little prints are often the first original art a budding collector will buy, and I’m always thrilled to be part of another art-lover’s emergence into the exciting first chapter of lining the nest with beautiful, original art. I know the thrill of finding something you really just have to display in your home. Exhibiting small prints (and showing some of the plates and …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Between Friends – and a video tutorial on Trace Monotype

Trace Monotype In the last post, I mentionedI was working on a new printmaking demo video of a trace monotype.  It’s published now, and I hope you find the method inspiring enough to try. After the printmaking ink was dry – you’ll see a sequence where I added layers of watercolor and pastel to the print.  My hope is that by demonstrating added layers of color,  you’ll be inspired to make one too. Even if You Can’t Draw Trace monotype is a great printmaking process, because this particular flavor (it varies) doesn’t require a press, or lots of tools (there is no carving whatsoever), and you can …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Not Camera Shy (& monotype process videos)

  This little monotype was printed from a sheet of mylar (see process photo below). Water-soluble pencils were used to begin the portrait on mylar, and then watercolor was added just before printing. After the monotype print was dry, I added more watercolor to increase the contrast and color saturation.   If you’re not familiar with monotype printmaking you can watch videos of the process as a little primer. Grab a beverage and a note pad to jot down some inspiration…. Here’s a quick little dark field monotype demo by Jim Flowers, also known as the Snake Artist from his work with reptiles …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: Morocco (& de-cluttering the art studio)

I spent a few days this week hanging art, and unpacking the last parts of my studio that have been in boxes since moving from the desert to the coast over the summer. As much as I loved seeing those previously inaccessible art supplies, I also realized I haven’t missed some of them, and I’ve been storing supplies for “just in case” scenarios. In an effort to de-clutter, focus, stand down and apply myself like Gorilla Glue to just printmaking and watercolor, I boxed and donated all supplies I haven’t used in the past year. Earlier this year, The Huffington Post published a slide show of 44 …[Continue reading]


4 Art Supply Gift Ideas for the Beginning Artist

Early Retirement 7×9 Monotype (sold) Art Supply Gift Ideas for Beginning Artists Many of my friends and family are new at art, or they’ve *never* done art at all. But they’re interested in dipping-a-toe-in to explore their creative urges. Here is a short list of art supply gift ideas for beginner artists in your life. There’s an expanding popularity of group paint-along cocktail parties, adult coloring books, and youtube art tutorials that help demystify the art process. That makes me excited for so many people discovering their art-making brains.  Those beginning artists are extremely fun to shop for, because they usually don’t have any …[Continue reading]