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Linocut: Coming or Going

Coming or Going 2 x 4 linocut with watercolor on arches paper Available in my Etsy Shop.Now that preparation for the fund raising exhibit is completed, (Art for the Animals is opened [see photos below], and the show runs till May), it’s time to swing attention in the studio toward the next show – 6 weeks from now.  I think this is my 8th year of exhibiting at The San Diego Art Walk, and it’s one of my favorite Springtime events. (It’s in Little Italy, near the beach, so there you have it; food + ocean = fun.) I’ll be framing this little linocut (process shots …[Continue reading]


Linocut: Corona (Frida Kahlo)

Inspired by a Stranger This linocut is not part of the series I’m working on (process shots are below), but a subscriber asked if I had a Frida Kahlo linocut framed and available, and here it is. This little linocut portrait was inspired, carved and painted because of my admiration for the lovely Frida. I’ve been fascinated by her face and style of dress for over a decade. I don’t know what it’s like to march to an individual and wholly different drummer the way she did. I suspect that her courage came in the same envelope as the pain and tragedies of her …[Continue reading]


Glue Collagraph: Penelope

Penelope 4.5×3.5 Glue Collagraph with ink & colored pencil  Process shots for this playful piece are below. I printed 4 of these little abstract expressionist faces in my friend Victor McCay’s studio a few years ago. I’ve played with glue collagraphs before, here and here, and I highly recommend trying one for great fune with the loosey-juicy, expressionistic mark-making you get with the glue on a mat board plate. On a lark today, with 45 open minutes, I dabbled with one of the prints (see the beginnings of it at the bottom of this post), using colored pencil. Working small has the excellent advantage of allowing a little …[Continue reading]


Watercolor of a Dog: Was that a Leash Jingle?

Was that a Leash Jingle? 11×4 Watercolor on paper This watercolor of a dog is the 6th animal painting in a series [see the line up on my studio table below] of vertical format studies on leftover watercolor paper (Fabriano Artistico 300lb).  My stack of yet-to-be-painted paper in this size is generous; it was given to me by Nancy Eckels, my groovy artist friend and sister-in-tallness. We met a little over a decade ago because people thought we were sisters, or each other. Someone came up to me at a local artist association meeting and said “Hi Nancy”. I explained that I wasn’t …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Slumber

Slumber 3×3 Monotype Ghost with colored pencil & watercolor on Arches Cover paper  SoldI’m in Alaska, so the image above is a snapshot instead of a scan, and I apologize for the crooked view & crappy quality. I’ll replace it with a scan when I get back to LA.Process shots begin at the bottom of the post. This is the second time I’ve been to Anchorage in the summer (I have family here) and I’m even a little more in awe of this place. Not just for the usual things you hear about the beauty of the last Wilderness Frontier; the million shades …[Continue reading]