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Silk Aquatint Printmaking: Library Cat

Silk Aquatint Portrait Here is another silk aquatint , with colored pencil, based on a quick cell phone snapshot of my trusty studio assistant, Scout.  He’s all about being helpful, especially if you need things like fur in the paint, shoe laces untied while carving details on a block, paint brushes scattered to the floor, or a lap warmer. He’s house-renowned as an expert in his field of Bothersome-but-Cute. Do you have a studio assistant? How do you Make a Silk Aquatint? If you’re unfamiliar with silk aquatint, visit this post to read an explanation of the process and the concept. After you read …[Continue reading]


Drypoint Printmaking: Fervent (& small, affordable printmaking press alternatives)

Making Prints without a Press On my youtube channel, one of the most frequent comments left on printmaking tutorials is how to make art prints and printmaking without a press. A press is an expensive investment, and they’re heavy, with a large footprint that’ll take up quite a bit of floor space in a room.  There are also many to choose from, so it’s understandable that beginning printmakers are overwhelmed. Press Alternatives There are workarounds for some printmaking methods (relief/block prints), but not all of them. Hand transfer of drypoint engravings, etchings and intaglio style prints is a lot of work, fickle in nature, and it might …[Continue reading]


Woodcut with Watercolor & the Beverly Hills Art Show

The woodcut above can be found in my Etsy shop, and you’ll find a speedy little time lapse video showing the sequence when she gets painted with watercolor below. Fall art festival season is coming up here in southern California, and artists are waiting to hear if they made the cut in each show’s jurying process.  After several years of applying and not getting into the Beverly Hills Art Show, I just got my acceptance letter, and I’m thrilled! If you’re local to Los Angeles, mark your calendar for October 15 & 16, and come say hello at booth #108 between Rodeo Drive and Beverly Drive on Santa …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Window Seat (& praise for Video Art Tutorials)

This art blog began as an exercise in accountability in 2005. I planned to document my renewed commitment to get back into art-making after a decade-long hiatus. Almost immediately, it morphed into a platform to share process, and hopefully, encourage other out-of-business artists to get back to work. More recently, when I tip-toed into creating a youtube channel, I goaded myself forward with the warble that it was a “graduation” – finally advancing a decade of process stills up to the next level, to video tutorials. Here’s how un-brave I was/am; after creating the channel, it took me seven years to post the first video.  #riskaverse With video-function on cell phones & free editing software (Mac computers …[Continue reading]


Linocut: Winged (& when artists steal from each other)

Artists Stealing from Artists An artist I admire has recently been copied by another artist, with no attribution.  The copied work is for sale, presented as original to the artist listing it. It’s a direct copy – as in brush stroke-for-brush stroke, but with the tell-tale mark-making of a novice painter.  Another artist friend had her work offered as custom-order paintings in an online store, but the thief didn’t bother to take my friend’s signatures off the jpegs when he pulled them from her website and listed them in his shop. My linocut above, Winged, has been copied by two separate artists, and sold in each of their online …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Wild Turkey & Colt 45 (& Linklove)

A tiny portrait of my grandfather, on his sunporch after a swim in the pool, ready for a barbecue & a cocktail. I listened to a podcast in the studio this week from a creative person talking about painting and drawing, and she said that images (paintings & drawings) should speak for themselves, and shouldn’t be muddled with a lot of words on blogs. I thought about that, especially in relationship to my tendency to blab a lot here. Is my yaddah-yaddah bothersome? Does it clutter the art? And then I thought how that advice could be a Ray of Hope to artists that want …[Continue reading]


Watercolor portrait: Frida Wearing Fishes

I enjoy working in a small format, so when I heard about Artist Trading Cards, or ATC’s ten years ago, I jumped into the fun with a series of portraits. I painted Frida Kahlo several times, and used all four of my grandparents as models from vintage photos of their newlywed years. I had a blast painting an assortment of notable authors, poets and artists.   Some artists (ahem. cough. my hand is up) find working in-series to be very challenging. What flavor of series have you worked in?  What got you motivated to start? And did you complete the series? Art Quote If a little of …[Continue reading]


Pen & Ink: Over-due Library Books (and making plans for 2015)

Over-due Library Books 3.5×4.5 Pen & Ink Available in my Etsy Shop In between December’s packed little calendar squares, swollen round with shopping, menu plans, decorating, greeting card distribution, holiday parties and travel, I toss a pillow into the corner of the month somewhere, to sit and think about my art plans for 2015.  It gets me excited with possibilities for the wide-open tundra of the year ahead. Little art I started scribbling a list in my studio, and with each line item, my heart beat a little faster with ideas and plans and potential. Do you make an end-of-year list too? What’s …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Mixed Media Printmaking Portrait of an Elderly Dog (with a monotype demo video)

Tesseye 4×6 dark field monotype with watercolor & colored pencil (Private Collection) If you’ve had furry family members – cats, dogs, birds, horses, etc. – you know the most difficult chapter of that lovely bond sneaks in when they are aged and infirm, and difficult decisions are pondered. We’ve experienced the loss of our dogs and cats to old age and disease, and my heart breaks every time I hear about another family grieving for a pet.  This dark field monotype is a portrait of a friend’s dearly loved and departed dog, as a remembrance of her gentle and tentative face. It was …[Continue reading]


Mixed Media Portrait: Leaving Rockport

Leaving Rockport 6.75×3.25 Mixed Media Available in my Etsy Shop The winner of the Printmaking DVD give-away featuring Catherine Kernan’s amazing woodcut & monoprint methods – Between Ink & Paper – is Ellen in Maine!  Congratulations, Ellen! (Please email your address so I can send this awesome DVD: bdelpesco at mac dot com) Stay tuned for more giveaways – I have a box of goodies pulled from my studio-clean-out, ready for new hands! Have a creative day and thanks for stopping by! On a scrap of Arches 300 lb watercolor paper: this started as ball-point pen doodle after dinner while having tea with …[Continue reading]


Mixed Media: Ginger Hair (gelli plate #printmaking)

Ginger Hair 6 x 6 Mixed Media Getting together with art friends for an afternoon of making can be just the right kick-start for your creative mojo if it’s gone missing. I love gathering with other artists, with a tote bag of art supplies for a few hours of creative time and catching up, with chips and salsa and some art-making background music. All the better if everyone is working in different media. The hostess of my last foray into Art Day supplied gelli plates for some fast no-press printmaking (thanks, JMC!). I came home with a stack of fun backgrounds to adorn …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Patio Bouquet #miniatureart #paintings

Patio Bouquet 4×2 Watercolor on paper Available in my Etsy Shop. I’m preparing for another Los Angeles Art Festival in ten days – this one is in Thousand Oaks (June 7 & 8, booth #43). I’m re-stocking my layout for the festival with a few petite paintings.  This one is quite tiny, and it’s a sliver of a larger painting I’ve been working on during art festivals as a demo that measures about 24×36. I’ll post it as soon as I finish. I’m excited to dive back into the studio after this show, with more room in my schedule, sketches on scraps of …[Continue reading]


#Drypoint #printmaking: To your Health

To your Health! 4.5 x 2.5 Drypoint with watercolor This drypoint is available in my Etsy Shop. After cutting a larger sheet of plexiglass for a different piece of art, I had this little leftover begging to be made into something petite.  An early 1900’s photo of my great grandmother inspired a perfect starting point (see below), and I sketched & engraved this backlit figure at the head of a table, proposing a toast to your good health. Salut! Pulling a proof print on my Takach press  If you’d like to see video of this printmaking process, visit my youtube channel. There are …[Continue reading]


Intaglio Etching with Watercolor: Cat Nap

Cat Nap 2.38 x 3.71 inch Intaglio Etching with Watercolor (Artist’s Proof) Cat Nap is available in my Etsy Shop.I went to San Francisco to see the Anders Zorn exhibit at the Legion of Honor Museum on Tuesday.  It was mind-bogglingly exquisite. He is one of my favorite artists, ever. My head is humming with inspiration harvested while standing amidst the crowd, in front of his etchings, drawings, watercolors and oils. Next to a Sargent show I saw a number of years ago, the Zorn exhibit was the best exhibit I’ve ever seen. It was amazing. I’ll write more about it soon, but …[Continue reading]


Drawing: Jaimie

Jaimie 2.5×2.5 graphite on paper In two weeks, I’ll be showing my work at the San Diego Artwalk, and the weekend after that, I’ll be at the Sierra Madre Art Fair. The details for both shows are in a newsletter I sent to my mailing list last week. If you’re not on my mailing list, you can see the newsletter here. And, if you’d like, feel free to sign up for the newsletter here. (Your info will never be share, ever, with anyone.) Prepping for art festivals involves a lot of “paper clips” style of productivity in the studio; matting and framing, making …[Continue reading]


Linocut: Coming or Going

Coming or Going 2 x 4 linocut with watercolor on arches paper Available in my Etsy Shop.Now that preparation for the fund raising exhibit is completed, (Art for the Animals is opened [see photos below], and the show runs till May), it’s time to swing attention in the studio toward the next show – 6 weeks from now.  I think this is my 8th year of exhibiting at The San Diego Art Walk, and it’s one of my favorite Springtime events. (It’s in Little Italy, near the beach, so there you have it; food + ocean = fun.) I’ll be framing this little linocut (process shots …[Continue reading]