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a reduction linocut portrait of a girl with a book

Five Printmakers to Follow on Instagram

In Between Chapters 6×6 reduction Linocut Give Printmaking a Go Printmaking methods, and the approaches within each method are a perpetual ocean for exploration and experimentation. Add to that artists’ layering of techniques – and hacks on traditional procedures – to create a bottomless channel available for deep study. The best way to dip your toe in the wonderful world of printmaking is to take a weekend workshop, so you can be guided through printmaking in action, with an understanding of the materials and sequences. If you work well with printed directions and solo creative endeavors, you can follow along with a printmaking …[Continue reading]


Gift Ideas for the Beginner Printmaker

Carnelian 4×4 framed Reduction Woodcut with Watercolor and Colored Pencil – Available in my Etsy Shop Gift Ideas for the for Beginner Printmaker When I started posting printmaking tutorials on my youtube channel, I got a flood of emails asking where one could buy a comprehensive starter set to try printmaking without breaking the bank. I’ve searched, and there isn’t a complete set in a box that includes all of the parts I’d recommend to try making a linocut or a woodcut for the first time. But a kit can be assembled a la carte to get you, or your beginner printmaker started on the right foot! …[Continue reading]


Linocut ideas – Arranging Your Own Images as Reference Material

Viognier & Apples 6.5 x 4.5 Linocut with Watercolor (available here) Linocut Ideas for Beginners Have you ever made a linocut print? Linocut ideas can be hard to come by if you’re not sure where to start. Visitors to my booth at art festivals say they recall making a linoleum block print in grade school – or printing from rubber erasers, potato stamps, apples or carrots. But what is the grown-up version of a linocut? The fun thing is this: no matter how old the person is when discussing grade school printmaking – they remember what their first print was. A gecko, a …[Continue reading]


Linocut: Dapper Lab Dog Art

Dogs as Art Models There’s a shiny black lab who insists on sharing my cheese and crackers when we hang out. It’s impossible to resist cracker division with this big love of a lap dog, and it gives me opportunities for surreptitious snapshots to make art. I’ve sent one of these linocut prints (an edition of 10) in lieu of a modeling fee. It’s a good thing when artists take care of their models. Modeling in exchange for cracker bits and artwork. 🙂 How to Choose Watercolor Paper If you’re new to watercolor, and you get a creased-brow standing in front of the watercolor …[Continue reading]


Linocut: Tweet (Macaw & Budgie)

This is the third is a series (you can see the first and second prints) of linocuts depicting my family, primarily from vintage photos, with creative license in the form of imagined animals and a variety of environments added to the imagery. The linocut above – Tweet – was from a wonderful old photo of my dad’s sister and mother, leaning on the dutch door of their Connecticut farmhouse in the early 1950’s. I altered their gazes & added the Macaw and the Budgie to the art.  My grandmother kept a little parakeet in her kitchen, and my grandfather designed and manufactured a variety of bird-feeders. …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Amigos (and a linocut by Margaret Rankin)

Printmakers I Admire I found Toronto artist Margaret Rankin’s work online in about 2005. Her subjects demonstrate her sharp eye and sure hands. She is a Landscape Architect, and her composition and colors are based on nature. One of the things I was drawn to is the way she uses her blocks – after the fact, when a planned edition is finished. The same graphic components from a traditional, representational print (trees, clouds, hills) are inked, re-arranged and paired with new blocks to be printed artfully & whimsically as brand new one of a kind linocuts. You can check her work out on …[Continue reading]